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All research we undertake has an ethical dimension and all researchers should reflect on the implications of their work – issues relating to human and animal welfare and dignity, but also the social and cultural impact of their research. Adequate provision around research ethics is a marker of the respect Trinity has for those who take part in research. It ensures no unreasonable, unsafe or thoughtless demands are made by researchers; it ensures sufficient knowledge is shared by all concerned; it assures that any personal data collected for purposes of research will be protected, and it imposes a common standard in all the above respects across the University. Research involving human subjects is subject to ethical review and cannot proceed until approval has been granted from the appropriate Research Ethics Committee. The primary responsibilities of Trinity’s 23 Research Ethics Committees (RECs) are to ensure respect for the dignity of participants, to minimize any potential harm and to protect the confidential nature of data generated. Clinical Research Trials require sponsorship oversight and must gain approval before commencing.