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Our Research Structures Explained

In Trinity research happens at different scales. All of the research we do calls for individuals who are talented and have the drive to engage with challenging and demanding research questions. The foundations of our work is built on individual expertise. Many research questions, however, cannot be tackled at the individual level alone. We also work together to uncover new knowledge and make breakthroughs. We have a rich history of collaboration and a strong track record in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research.

There are many different structures in Trinity that help us to work together. Trinity Research Centres allow groups of researchers with different perspectives to come together to tackle research questions from a multifaceted perspective. Trinity Research Institutes do this at a much larger scale, and act as flagships for major areas of research in the University. We also work at a thematic level. Our themes reflect topics of key concern for us in the University.

On the national level we engage with colleagues in all of the Higher Education Institutes in Ireland and we host three Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres.  As an outward looking and global university, our international collaborations are of course a key part of our work.