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Welcome to the Tent of Bad Science!

Welcome to the Tent of Bad Science!

How can we recognise "good" science without understanding "bad" science? Join us for a series of talks and activities to figure out how to sort the good from the bad!

At the Tent of Bad Science, we look at how science changes... Walk through a history of misconceptions and faulty theories, talk about why these are so compelling, and learn how to avoid being hoodwinked in an era of fake news.

Join Trinity researchers and invited guests as we discuss the theatre of science and who benefits when we turn a blind eye to science.

Never Mind the B*ll@cks, Here’s the Science

Prof Luke O'Neill, Prof Jane Ohlmeyer and Dr Richard Layte grapple with the big questions of the day, discussing how to make science accessible in a time of fake news. Together, they go beyond the headlines and challenge groupthink. Click to watch the whole discussion!

Why Trust Science

Why should we trust science when so many don't?  Prof Naomi Oreskes, Prof Jacob Erickson and Dr Susan Murphy discuss what makes information trust-worthy and whose voices are missing from conversations on climate action. Click to watch the whole discussion!

The Science of Storytelling

Through neuroscience, creative arts, and psychology, Will Storr, Prof Ruth Barton and Dr Clare Kelly investigate the importance of storytelling and why stories matter, especially when it comes to communicating about science. Click to watch the whole discussion!

Power, Protest & Pandemic: The Science of Human Behaviours

How can society reconcile people's right to protest with the realities of a public health emergency? Join Prof Clifford Stott, Prof Ivana Bacik and Prof Pete Lunn as they discuss and debate protest in a time of COVID-19. Click to watch the whole discussion!