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Let’s talk about TB…..and how smoking affects the immune response of lung cells

Join Dr Seónadh O'Leary for a talk about her research on TB, smoking, and lung cells!

We study tuberculosis, also known as TB, which is the leading infectious disease killer in the world. Despite being a treatable and curable disease, TB is a global epidemic in urgent need of improved drugs and vaccine. In this session you’ll hear how, through our research, we are investigating what happens in our lung cells when they become infected with the TB bacteria and especially how cigarette smoke can damage the immune response of lung cells. We’ll show you pictures of lung cells, called macrophages, taken using a microscope and look at differences between these cells from smokers compared to non-smokers. We’ll describe the experiments we do in the lab to help us understand how the lung cells fight the infection. The aim of our research is to find new ways to treat the disease and enhance the host immune response to overcome the infection.

This event for the general public will include a short talk about Tuberculosis, a virtual tour of the lab and the research we do in Trinity College followed by a chance for you to ask questions and chat with the researchers!