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Abandon Ship! Can you solve the puzzle and help researchers make the evacuation of cruise ships safer and more efficient?

Help researchers make the evacuation of cruise ships safer and more efficient!

When: Thursday, 23 September; 18:30 - 19:30 IST

Event Information:
Imagine you are on a cruise when an emergency occurs and you have to abandon ship.

Would you know what to do?

Would you trust technology to bring you to safety?

Help inform cutting-edge research on how best to enhance cruise ship safety through participating in this interactive workshop!

Topics include:

When you think of a cruise ship – what first springs to mind – leisure, safety or both?

How do you imagine you would feel if you had to evacuate from a cruise ship?

Would you be happy using technology to guide you and your loved ones to safety?

What types of information would help you feel better prepared for an emergency?

How comfortable would you be wearing location monitors on board?

The SafePASS project is hosting a workshop to discuss these topics and to gain insight into how we can use technology and psychology to improve the safety and efficiency of passenger ship evacuation. This event will provide participants with an overview of the SafePASS project and allow them to provide valuable feedback on how new technologies and Life Saving Appliance (LSA) design will be implemented on board.

Event Structure:

  1. A short introductory presentation on evacuating large cruise ships.
  2. Scenario-based discussion of an emergency in small groups. This will be interactive with attendees rating how they would feel at particular points in the scenario.
  3. Scenario-based “cognitive walk-through” of an emergency using new technologies and LSA design
  4. Scenario-based discussion of an emergency with the use of technologies to locate people and guide them to safety during emergencies. This will be interactive with attendees (in small groups) rating how they would feel at particular points in the scenario.
  5. Review of attendee recommendations
  6. Session close

This event is targeted at a general audience. Everyone is welcome to attend with no prior experience of passenger cruise ships or knowledge of evacuation procedures required.

What is the SafePASS project?
The SafePASS project aims to radically redefine evacuation processes, systems and equipment. It also hopes to inform international regulations for passenger ships in all environments, hazards and weather conditions. SafePASS aims to make novel technologies and designs suitable across a wide range of passenger and crew demographics.  
The new technologies will monitor where people are on board during emergencies and provide both passengers and crew with the best evacuation routes based on demographics such as age, language, mobility requirements. It is hoped that these advances and new designs of LSAs will lead to quicker evacuation time and increased personal safety.

Researchers Involved:
This event will be hosted by researchers from the Centre of Innovative Human Systems within School of Psychology as part of the SafePASS project. This team includes Dr. Paul Liston (PI), Alison Kay and Emma Delemere. SafePASS is a H2020 funded project with 15 partners from 8 different EU countries.
Partners across the consortium have expertise from a wide variety of backgrounds including Psychology, Crowd Behaviour, Ship Design, LSA manufacturing, Cruise Line Operation, Shipyards, Industry Regulation, Data Protection and Maritime Classification Societies.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 815146