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Interacting with 3-D Molecules: Molecules around us

Curious about what the molecules around us look like in 3D? Then you are in the right place!

Dr Cristina Trujillo has developed a site dedicated to 3-D visualisations of the molecules all around us!

You can find historical facts, funny interests, beautiful 3D structures and amazing stories to enhance your fascination for the world of molecules.
In this blog you can find four different sections:

  • Molecules that changed the world”. Do you want to read fascinating stories about successful medications or biological relevant molecules? Here you will see 3D molecules that changed the word and you will know why.
  •  “Molecules with fun but recognisable shapes”. Some molecules present fun but recognisable shapes and their structure are similar to shapes of real-world animals or objects.
  • Molecules with unusual names”. Usually chemists follow strict rules in naming compounds, but believe it or not sometimes it's easier to call a molecule by the shape it takes. Here some real molecules that have unusual, funny or even silly names.
  • “Soap vs Covid”: Everyone say that we have to clean our hands if we want to remain COVID free but, why?  

You can also register for an online workshop where you will be guided through the site!