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The Code of Kells

The Code of Kells is an online workshop for children that love solving puzzles!

Join researchers from the ADAPT research centre for an online workshop!

During the first part of the session, the attendees will hear about the power of using ciphers in cryptography, understanding how ancient people applied these to write secret messages and the current application of ciphers to protect online data. The participants will also practice their abilities by writing their own secret messages using different ciphers.

The second part of the session consists of playing the mystery game “The Code of Kells”. During the game, participants will virtually walk around Dublin city centre and collect clues to discover who stole the Book of Kells from the Old Library at Trinity College Dublin. The event is organized by Happy Maths, a research group from the Technological University Dublin that develops educational engaging games for primary school children.

This activity is best suited to primary school children from 10 to 12 years old.

Below you can download a cipher sheet and a map of Dublin city to print and use during the workshop.

NOTE: This workshop is for children and will be held in a Zoom meeting room. The workshop will not be recorded. Given the interactive nature of the workshop, participants will be visible to each other if their cameras are on. Guardians of participating children should be aware that children will be visible on screen if their cameras are on during the workshop.