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The Lichen_ART Citizen Science Project

Chloe Brenan, artist from National College of Art and Design and Kamila Kwasniewska, plant scientist from Trinity College Dublin invite primary and secondary school children to take part in this Arts Council Ireland funded citizen science project

What is the project about?

The project is based on observation of lichens – bioindicators of air pollution, that grow on the trees, rocks, walls and roofs in the school area, to monitor the local air quality (pollution with nitrogen forms).

The project is an art-science collaboration and will involve lichen recording, which could be done around the school area.

This will be followed by expressing the observations of the environment with a form of visual art-photography of the lichens (or lack of lichens) with the addition of handwritten notes (poems) in response to the findings.

The photographs and notes (poems) will be then integrated in a form of a collage poster, capturing children’s thoughts on the perception of natural world.

Schools/classes that sign up for this project will receive background information on lichens biology and elements of visual artwork.