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This project involves developing innovative tools and teaching materials for teaching research integrity and research ethics to secondary school, undergraduate and PhD students.

Join researchers from the H2020 INTEGRITY project for a live demo of some of our INTEGRITY materials. This will involve working through an interactive demonstration of our module on “Technology.” This module discusses issues around research integrity and proper research conduct when using technology in education, teaching and learning. Students will be asked to consider a number of different issues such as whether it's ethical to ask Alexa for help with their homework, or the implications of driverless cars! Other options for discussion include the issues around Fast Fashion.


INTEGRITY is all about empowering good practice in science. INTEGRITY is using Responsible Conduct to develop teaching programmes and tools aiming to qualify students in responsible research and to stimulate critical awareness regarding integrity issues in research practice

* This activity is aimed at secondary school students, with a maximum of 30 students in each session.

* Each student will need access to their own device to join the Zoom session as breakout rooms will be used.

* Teachers can select the students' preferred strand (technology or fast fashion) when booking.