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Watch and Learn – what film and television can teach us about society

Join Rebecca Carr for an introduction to film literacy! Bring your favourite flicks!

This seminar is an introduction to “film literacy”: how to read the cues and think critically about what they communicate about society at large. Films and television series provide us with a broader perspective on politics, economy, equality and ideology. We will treat films as cultural artefacts, that is, products of pop culture, to learn about what society considers important. Movies and shows depict what society (or a group within it) considers heroic or villainous, a success or a threat, and films and series themselves can reflect or challenge these values. Even aspects such as costumes and sets engage with society’s expectations. In films and shows from bygone decades, we can observe behaviours and attitudes that we still practice and others that are no more. Looking at films in this way allows us to understand what is on society’s mind, what is changing and why.

Be sure to bring the names of your favourite flicks!

Two sessions will be offered, one especially for secondary school students, and one for the general public.