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Save money and the planet? Help the EVIDENT project understand decision making and impact climate change!

Join researchers from the EVIDENT project for a workshop to discuss decision making and climate change!

When: Wednesday, 22 September; 17:00 - 18:30 IST

How important is energy efficiency when purchasing household appliances?

How do people make energy investment decisions when purchasing appliances?

What real life factors prevent us from purchasing more energy efficient appliances?

What would make people more likely to choose more efficient appliances?

The EVIDENT project is hosting a workshop to discuss these questions and more to gain insight into how we can help consumers to make make more energy efficient decisions. This event will provide participants with an overview of the EVIDENT project and allow them to provide input into the design of the project moving forward.

Everyone is welcome to attend with no prior knowledge of energy efficiency needed.

Event Structure:

1. A short introductory presentation on energy efficiency and decision making.

2. Small-group discussion of factors that impact decision making when purchasing appliances. Two primary topics will be discussed: 1. Decision making when purchasing appliances - What factors are important to them when purchasing an appliance (i.e. price, energy rating, features, brand, warranty)? What information do they look at when the buy an appliance? 2. Decision making when an appliance breaks - If an appliance brakes do they try to get it fixed or get a replacement? What factors impact decisions to repair or replace an appliance? How do they go about purchasing a replacement?

3. Whole group discussion and reflection on thoughts raised

4. Short presentation on the EVIDENT Serious Game and its proposed design. This presentation will be interactive with attendees providing feedback and input into the proposed design.

5. Session close

What is the EVIDENT project?

The EVIDENT project is a Horizon 2020 funded project examining what drives an individuals’ energy use and decision making. The relationship between energy consumption, behavioural biases and financial literacy on how consumers make energy decisions will be examined through a series of studies to determine how we can better support more effective decision making. This project involves 9 partners from across 5 countries and the findings will be used to contribute to more robust policy measures and interventions. This event will be hosted by researchers from the Centre of Innovative Human Systems within School of Psychology as part of the EVIDENT project. This team includes Dr. Paul Liston (PI), Emma Delemere, & Alison Kay. EVIDENT is a H2020 funded project with 9 partners from 5 countries across the EU. Partners across the consortium have expertise in a wide variety of backgrounds across economics, energy, business and psychology.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 957117