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Start Talking About Citizen Science in Ireland Today!

Join Joseph Roche and Laura Bell for a virtual tour of the EU-Citizen.Science platform along with the newly-launched Ireland page of the community forum.

EU-Citizen.Science is a platform for sharing knowledge, tools, training, and resources for citizen science. It was developed by a consortium of European organisations from 14 European member states, represented by Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. These organisations have been working together for several years to build a platform that serves as the reference point for citizen science participants, practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and society across Europe.

This event will promote citizen science in Ireland and highlight how the EU-Citizen.Science platform is an online sharing and learning space that can transform the way citizen science projects are conceived and developed in Ireland — encouraging and supporting citizen science initiatives, bringing the community together, and jointly advancing the role and recognition of citizen science in Irish and European contexts.

The event will also launch a community page on the EU-Citizen.Science platform for citizen science in Ireland that will become an invaluable resource for anyone setting up or running citizen science projects. This will benefit practitioners, researchers, educators, communities, and citizens — supporting the ecosystem of citizen science projects in Ireland.