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The Great Plastics Debate

So much plastic, so little time to decide what to do with it!

From an innovative, ground breaking material, to problems with recycling and microplastics pollution, plastic might be the most important or destructive material – depending on your viewpoint.

This workshop will introduce Trinity’s researchers searching for solutions to problem plastic and could reframe the plastics debate.

We’ll share what we think: that even problem plastic can be viewed as a crucial resource if new recycling technologies become mainstream, and that there are new ways to degrade, and create a ‘plastic’ material from biological sources from trees to milk.

We will also introduce work being done at Trinity to quantify, characterise and mitigate against microplastics injection.

But we also want to know what you – our audience - thinks. The format for this online event will involve a short talk from AMBER scientists, polls, breakout rooms so that, you, the audience becomes the presenter. 

It would be advantageous to have your mobile phone, and a computer at the ready so that you can participate.