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How to get involved

If you are a Trinity researcher and would like to get involved in our European Researchers’ Night activities find out more here!

European Researchers’ Night is a Europe-wide event, where people come together to celebrate and learn about research. It has run annually since 2005 and Trinity has held an event each year since 2013. This event provides a unique opportunity for researchers and the public to interact with each other, and to bring research to a wider audience.

The main event this year will take place on Friday, September 29th but there is the potential to host events and activities at other times throughout the year.

Do you have an idea for an event or activity?

We would like you to be part of European Researchers’ Night, and invite you to send us your proposals and suggestions for activities and events that could be included in the START programme. We want to encourage people to start talking about research…today!

  • If you have an idea for how we can bring research into people’s homes, experiments that can be demonstrated online, or interactive activities that people can join in with then please let us know!
  • Proposals for activities and events aimed at primary and secondary school students are particularly welcome. What would get them talking about research? Do you want to talk to students about how you came to be a researcher? What kind of conversations do we want to spark? Do we have a call to action for something children can start to do today to make a big difference to their world?
  • All areas of research are welcome! The aim is to have representation from across all three faculties. Proposals for activities that span disciplines are encouraged.
  • Events and activities already in planning that could fall under the START umbrella will be considered.
  • We’re open to any suggestions and funding is available to help with costs.
  • While there will be a special focus on events taking place on European Researchers’ Night (September 30th), we are also open to proposals for activities that could take place at other times, or for activities aimed at schoolchildren that could take place throughout the school year.

You can submit your proposal for an activity here using this form.

Please note that events can be in-person or online. If planning an online event that involves live participation, please ensure that all researchers who might participate are comfortable with appearing on camera.

If you have any queries about the event or would like to talk about your ideas before submitting a suggestion, please contact Jennifer Daly in the Office of the Dean of Research (

Other ways to get involved

We will be using START’s various social media channels to highlight the work of Trinity’s researchers and we have designed a number of activities that you might also be interested in. These are all aimed at the general public and non-expert audiences. These will include image cards, short videos, and the opportunity to write longer pieces about any aspect of your research or research career for the researchMATTERS website. For more information, contact Jennifer Daly ( in the Office of the Dean of Research.