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What Do You Want To Know?

Have you ever wondered where the stars go in the daytime? Or how sign language works? Or what we’re made of? Inspired by the curiosity of these questions, we ask the experts to help us find the answers to what you want to know! Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to make sure you never miss an episode.


What Do You Want To Know? is a podcast inspired by some of the most head-scratching questions you’ve ever been asked but weren’t sure how to answer!

Each episode will feature an expert trying to answer some of these questions… everything from ‘what are we made of’ to ‘what is a virus’?

Find all the episodes here!

What Do WE Want To Know? We want your questions! If you have a question on anything - books, history, science, medicine - tell us about it in the suggestion box below and we'll do our best to answer it!