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Research Boost Programme 2021

Fostering and growing research talent

Trinity’s Research Charter commits the University to a set of core principles that are central to our research philosophy. The Charter’s goals aim to enable researchers to work on their own ideas and to excel at what they do. In line with the principle to ‘Foster and grow research talent’ and in light of the unprecedented challenges researchers have faced since March 2020, the Dean of Research, the Associate Deans of Research, and Trinity’s Research Committee announced a Research Boost Programme in September 2021.

Researchers operate in what can often be an intensely competitive environment. For many, a relatively modest amount of financial support can make a huge difference to the success of a project. Designed to provide small amounts of funding to boost research activity, the Research Boost Programme will help researchers who have seen their work impacted by the restrictions of the last 18 months to get their research back on track. The programme was open to researchers in all disciplines and at any career stage and had a total fund of €500,000. This was further augmented by a contribution from Professor Mani Ramaswami’s Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund to provide cofounding for research projects broadly in the biomedical and neurohumanities areas. In total, 64 proposals – spread across all three Trinity faculties – received support from the programme. The full list of funded projects is below.

A programme of this nature, which was created with the intention to provide funding to researchers as quickly as possible, could only work with the support of the wider research community in Trinity. We are very grateful to the reviewers who so graciously gave of their time and expertise at a busy time of year, the Research Committee for its support of the programme, and colleagues in Finance who have assisted with the administration of the awards.


Trinity Affiliation


Achilleas Floudas


Cell interactions that trigger pathogenic polyfunctional T cell responses in the joint of
Rheumatoid Arthritis patients (PolyFunT).

Aisling Dunne

Biochemistry and Immunology

The Heme Oxygenase System as a therapeutic intervention for inflammatory bowel disease

Aisling O'Halloran


COVERAGE-TILDA: COVid-19 immunE Responses and AGEing in The Irish LongituDinal Study on
Ageing (TILDA): an opportunity to investigate the role of biological ageing phenotypes on pre and
post-vaccination antibody responses to COVID-19 in older adults in Ireland.

Andrew Murphy


Cambridge University Press edition of Shakespeare's 'Henry V'

Ann Monaghan


Technology Assisted Solutions for the Recognition of Objective Physiological Indicators of Post-
Coronavirus-19 Fatigue (TROPIC)

Ann Nolan


Engaging Adolescents in
Sexual Health Services in Ethiopia (EASE)

Anthony Quinn


Optimal transport in machine learning: metaphors in fully probabilistic design

Bronagh Catibusic

Linguistic, Speech & Communication Studies

CommuniTELLI (Community-based, Technology-Enhanced Language Learning for Integration)

Carlo Aldrovandi


An Engagement with the National-Religious Dispute over Temple Mount & Haram al-Sharif (Jerusalem)

Christine Morris

Histories and Humanities

Healing on the Mountain: archaeological approaches to ritual in prehistoric Crete

Ciaran Kenny

Linguistic, Speech & Communication Studies

Validity and Reliability of the Voice-Vibratory Assessment (VALI) with Laryngeal Imaging using Flexible Stroboscopy

Cormac McGuinness


Synchrotron radiation based investigations of electronic structure of one-dimensional graphene/porphyrin-like nanoribbons

Daniela Tropea


Understanding the cellular pathways that underlie IGF-1-related improvements in brain function in
neurodevelopmental disorders

David Caffrey


Growth of p-type Beta phase Gallium oxide via bismuth and copper codoping

David Finlay

Biochemistry and Immunology

Regulation of cytotoxic lymphocytes via Dendritic cell produced 27-hydroxycholesterol

David Hoey


Identifying mechanically activated EVs and associated miRNAs as new therapies for bone repair

Deirdre Daly

Nursing & Midwifery

The Maternal health And Maternal Morbidity in Ireland (MAMMI) 10-year follow-up study

Elaine Moriarty

Social Sciences and Philosophy

EU mobiles social rights during the Covid-19 pandemic in Ireland

Fáinche Ryan


Prudentia – Responsible and wise decision-making

Fiona Smyth


Acoustical Sparks: Architecture, Music, and the History of Science

Gaia Narciso

Social Sciences and Philosophy

Auditors’ conflict of interest: does random selection work?

Giovanni Di Liberto

Computer Science and Statistics

Investigating natural speech communication with multivariate neural data

Jean Quigley and Elizabeth Nixon


Parent-child interaction in the context of developmental trauma and disabilities

Joan Cahill


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Safe, SFI, Rapid Response)

John Dingliana

Computer Science and Statistics

Occlusion-capable Optical See-Through AR Display

Joseph Clarke

Histories and Humanities

The Burning of Bédoin: Terror and Memory in Revolutionary France

Joseph Roche


Ensuring public engagement excellence in Trinity’s Horizon Europe research projects

Juan Diego Rodriquez-Blanco

Natural Sciences

CARbonate BIOmineralization in Stromatolites: a crystal-clear mechanistic view (CARBIOS)

Juliette Hussey


Pre operative Exercise to improve fitness in patients undergoing complex surgery for Cancer of
the Lung or Oesphagus

Kristin Hadfield


Ameliorating stress impacts during pregnancy: A multisystemic resilience approach

Laure Marignol


Linking sEx to dAmage Formation (LEAF)

Lewys Jones


Research Infrastructure: Minimising the Environmental Impact - Proof of Concept Study

Lisa Corrigan


Physiological impact of pregnancy yoga

Lorraine O'Driscoll

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Oncobiome: our Gut-Feeling about Cancer

Louise Doyle

Nursing & Midwifery

A survey of self-harm, suicidal behaviour and help-seeking in TCD students.

Lucy Norris


Activated protein C pathway in ovarian cancer -a novel prognostic marker?

Lucy-Ann Behan


The Effect of Time-restricted Eating on Insulin Levels and Other Metabolic Abnormalities in
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Randomised Feasibility Study of Real-world Clinical Advice
(The TimeMAP Study)

Mairéad Hurley


SySTEM 2020: Science Learning Outside the Classroom

Marie Hanscom

Biochemistry and Immunology

Role of HMGB1 in Mediating Ulcerative Colitis-Induced Exacerbation of Long-Term
Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes

Marie-Victoire Guillot Sestier


Harnessing the immune system to resolve Alzheimer’s Disease

Mark Faulkner


Making Twelfth-Century English Texts Visible

Marvin Suesse

Social Sciences and Philosophy

Ensuring Food security and distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa: A market integration approach

Michael Monaghan


Electrogenic organ-derived electrocytes as biological pacers of tissue engineered cardiac

Niamh O'Boyle

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

RADICAL: Redefining Allergic Contact Dermatitis – Interactions Between Contact Allergens and Lipids

Nicola Fontana

Social Sciences and Philosophy

Impact of short term renting in European cities

Nollaig Bourke


Investigating how ageing impacts type I interferon anti-viral responses

Oliviero Gobbo

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

A new therapy for adiposopathy based on applications of alternating magnetic fields on iron oxide nanoparticles

Patrick Walsh


Developing a next generation approach for treating psoriatic skin inflammation

Peter Murphy

Psychology and TCIN

Common mechanisms for decision-making and working memory in health and old age

Richard Porter

Biochemistry and Immunology

The Proinflammatory Effect of Fructose on Human Macrophages; Implications for Obesity, Type 2
Diabetes & NAFLD.

Robert Baker


Automating workflows in actinide research: EU meets E-Notebook

Ronan Lyons

Social Sciences and Philosophy

Housing, Health & Politics - The case of Ireland's Labourers Cottages

Ross Byrne

Genetics and Microbiology

Exploring finescale population structure and confounding in the UK Biobank

Russell Mc Laughlin

Genetics and Microbiology

Development of a novel quantitative method to accurately genotype neurologically important
repeat expansions using low input DNA

Sarah Sheridan

Centre for Deaf Studies

The Performance of Language and the Psychology of the Sign Language Learner

Seamus O'Shaughnessy


A Novel Battery Cooling Method for Electric Vehicles

Shuo Yin


Novel 3D printing of bioinstructive ceramic scaffolds through digital light processing for next-generation bone implantation

Simone Mc Caughren

Social Work and Social Policy

Silence in the courtroom, silence in the street? An exploratory study of women’s experiences of the Irish family law system in parental separation and divorce.

Siobhan O'Brien

Genetics and Microbiology

How is P. aeruginosa virulence driven by multispecies interactions in the cystic fibrosis lung?

Stephanie Holt

Social Work and Social Policy

Domestic Violence and Disability: An Irish Exploratory Study

Stephen Maher


Multi-omic profiling of pancreatic cystic lesions and serum for stratifying pancreatic cancer

Thaina Da Costa

Genetics and Microbiology

Reducing Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) without antibiotics; testing
corneodesmosin-binding proteins as targets.

Tom Walker


Yeats and the Writing of Art

Vincent Kelly

Biochemistry and Immunology

Oocyte freezing to optimise transgenic services for researchers in Trinity and universities