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Dr. Benjamin Wold
Associate Professor, School of Religion


My path to Trinity College Dublin includes training in Portland, OR (B.A.), Jerusalem (M.A., and Semitic Languages Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rothberg), Germany (Ph.D. Erasmus+ exchange at the University Tübingen), and Britain (Ph.D. at Durham University, advisor: Loren Stuckenbruck). After completing my Ph.D. I held a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University before receiving an Alexander von Humboldt-award which was hosted by the Institute for Ancient Judaism and Hellenistic Religions at the University of Tübingen. I am broadly interested in comparative religions and especially the study of early Judaism and early Christianity in the context of the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean world. In addition to specializing in wisdom literature, particularly as found among the Hebrew texts from the Dead Sea, I am also engaged in the study of archaeology and material culture. I have volunteered at archaeological excavations, including twice at Qumran. Following on from formal study in Jerusalem, I have since held fellowships at the American School of Oriental Research (Albright Institute); once with an award from the National Endowment for the Humanities (2012/13) and again as a Senior Fellow (2017). My current research project is a monograph on the significance of Qumran Wisdom Traditions for the study of the New Testament (anticipated completion summer 2021).

Another of my interests is religion and society in Asia (particularly S.E. Asia); I have spent time at Trinity Theological College, Singapore as a scholar in residence and also was visiting professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2014).

In 2018 I was elected to Fellowship at TCD. I am the co-founder and current director of the Trinity Centre for Biblical Studies (

I am presently accepting applications from prospective Ph.D. students who are interested to research in early Jewish studies, and especially the intersection of early Judaism and New Testament literature. Recent (last five years) Ph.D. theses completed under my supervision, or in their final stages, include:

- A Feminist Reconstruction of the Message to Thyatira in the Book of Revelation.

- Warding Off Evil: An Analysis of Apotropaic Tradition in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Synoptic Gospels [Published with Mohr Siebeck].

- The Significance of Obduracy and Obfuscation Motifs in the Letters of Paul.

- Oral Legislation in Rabbinic Judaism: A Comparative Study of the Jurisdiction and the Shabbat Halakhot in the Mishnah and Qumran Scrolls (2nd Century BCE - 2nd Century CE).

- Wisdom in Transition in Early Judaism and the Letter of James.

- Inheritance, Identity and Inclusion in the Gospel of Matthew and Antecedent Tradition [Accepted for publication with Baylor University Press].

- Spirit, Water, and the Self: Early Jewish and Christian Immersion Traditions.

- Religious Experience of Heavenly Cult: A Study in the Ascension of Isaiah.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


  • Title
    • Student & Faculty Mobility (Erasmus+ KA 107 Mobility Grant)
  • Summary
    • These Erasmus+ grants enable reciprocal mobility for faculty and students in the School of Religion at TCD with two leading universities in Israel: Bar Ilan University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Faculty and students visiting HUJ and BIU are able to learn from leading scholars working across Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, while also availing of unique resources for the study of archaeology, languages, and the intersection of religion and society.
  • Funding Agency
    • Erasmus+
  • Date From
    • 09/01/2018
  • Date To
    • 09/01/2023
  • Title
    • Wisdom: From the Judean Wilderness to Diaspora
  • Summary
    • What is "wisdom" and how do we understand it across religious traditions? As typically understood, these traditions teach that there are those who measure up to wisdom's standards by birth, gender, propriety, or achievement and those who do not. "Conventional wisdom," a somewhat misleading category, consists of what is observable in the world around us and its practical character is taken for granted; a sage can teach how to live in relationship to it and this can be applied across peoples and cultures. Such wisdom is rooted in the consequences of the here and now, if one acts in the ways instructed it will result in observable outcomes. In the last two decades, compositions discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls have challenged these notions of wisdom. In much of this newly discovered Jewish literature, which is not "sectarian," we find that social boundaries and distinctions are challenged, and that act and consequence are no longer limited to this present life. This international symposium takes as its point of departure scrolls that have changed the last generation of scholarly categories and their social function. Furthermore, new questions are asked about how wisdom literature discovered at Qumran relates to Jewish Hellenistic and Diaspora traditions and whether our scholarly constructs are misconceived. A number of international research symposia are planned that will bring together experts across religious traditions. Meetings are planned that will focus on Jewish and Christian Wisdom, as well as Near Eastern and Far Eastern religious traditions. This is the first of a series of symposia, which is scheduled to take place at Trinity College Dublin this December 2nd and 3rd. The proceedings of this first symposium are being published in two thematic editions of the Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha (Sage).
  • Funding Agency
    • AHSS Benefactions Fund & Ireland Fund of Canada
  • Date From
    • December 2019


Apocalypticism; Historical Jesus Studies; Jewish studies; New Testament; Qumran Studies; Second temple Judaism



Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha, Sage Publishers, editorial board 2015-2018

Associate Editor, De Gruyter Open (Religious Studies) 2012-2016

External Examiner, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Department of Theology, Religious Studies, and Islamic Studies. 2008-2012

Awards and Honours

Fellow of Trinity College Dublin (FTCD) 2018

Senior Associate Fellow - Albright Institute for Archaeological Research (Jerusalem) 1 January 2017 to 31 August 2017

Visiting Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong June-August 2014

Vice President, Irish Biblical Association 2014-15

Honorary President, Theological Society (TCD) 2013-2014

National Endowment for the Humanities award December 2012

M.A. Jure officii, Trinity College Dublin 2011

Alexander von Humboldt (Forschungsaufenthalt) 2010

Alexander von Humboldt award 2006-2007

Lightfoot Scholarship, Durham University 2001-2002

Erasmus+ Ph.D. exchange to University of Tübingen, Germany (12-months) 2002-2003


Society of Biblical Studies (SBL) 2000 – Present

European Association of Biblical Studies 2004 – Present

European Association of Jewish Studies 2007 – Present

Enoch Seminar 2004 – Present

British New Testament Society 2000 – Present

International Organization of Qumran Studies (IOQS) 2004 – Present