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Dr. Rachel Moss
Associate Professor, History Of Art

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Rachel Moss and Colmán Ó Clabaigh , Modest and civil people': religion and society in medieval Galway , Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2022 Book, 2022

Rachel Moss, The Building Trade in Ireland, c. 1190-1600, Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 149 (2019), 2020, p124 - 145 Journal Article, 2020

Resilience, restoration and revival: Insular art in later medieval Ireland in, editor(s)Cynthia Thickpenny, Katherine Forsyth, Jane Geddes and Kate Mathis , Peopling Insular Art: Practice, Performance, Perception, Oxford, Oxbow, 2020, pp189 - 195, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2020

Art and Visual Literacy in the Early Irish Church in, editor(s)Elizabeth Boyle , A Companion to the Church in Early Ireland, c. 400-c.1150, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin, 2020, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2020

Irish Parish Churches: 1350-1550 in, editor(s)Paul Barnwell , Places of Worship in the British Isles: 1350-1550, Donington, Shaun Tyas, 2019, pp174 - 190, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2019

Rachel Moss, Portraits and Paintings at the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 149, 2019, p104 - 115 Journal Article, 2019

The material culture of the canonical movement in medieval Ireland in, editor(s)Martin Browne and Colman O Clabaigh , Households of God: The Regular Canons and Canonesses of St Augustine and of Premontre in medieval Ireland , Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2019, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2019

Gallagher, S and Moss, R, Harnessing Massive Online Open Courses for Innovations in Museum Education and Beyond, 28th ICDE World Conference on Online Learning, Dublin, Ireland, 3-7 November 2019, 2019 Conference Paper, 2019

Rachel Moss and Fainche Ryan, 'The Book of Kells: Exploring an Irish Medieval Masterpiece', Dublin and London, Futurelearn, 2018, - Digital research resource production, 2018 URL

Material culture: c. 1200-1550 in, editor(s)Brendan Smith , Cambridge History of Ireland. Volume 1, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2018, pp532 - 563, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2018

Rachel Moss, The Book of Durrow, London, Thames and Hudson, 2018 Book, 2018

An Art Historical Perspective on the Irish Historic Towns Atlases in, editor(s)Howard B. Clarke and Sarah Geraghty , Maps and texts as sources: evaluating the Irish Historic Towns Atlas, Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 2018, pp220 - 236, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2018

Rachel Moss, Felicty O'Mahony and Jane Maxwell (eds), An Insular Odyssey: Manuscript Culture in Early Christian Ireland and Beyond, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2017, 334pp Book, 2017

Kells, Book of, Helmer, Christine / McKenzie, Steven Linn / Römer, Thomas Chr. / Schröter, Jens / Walfish, Barry Dov / Ziolkowski, Eric, Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception , 15, Berlin, de Gruyter , 2017, pp104 - 105, [Rachel Moss] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2017

The Garland of Howth in, editor(s)Rachel Moss, Felicity O'Mahony and Jane Maxwell , An Insular Odyssey: Manuscript Culture in Early Christian Ireland and Beyond, Dublin , Four Courts Press, 2017, pp260 - 282, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2017

The Art and the Pigments: A study of four Insular Gospel Books in the Library of Trinity College Dublin in, editor(s)Stella Panayotova and Paola Ricciardi , Manuscripts in the Making: Art and Science, London and Turnhout, Brepols, 2017, pp12-20 , [Susie Bioletti and Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2017

Substantiating Sovereignties: 'Regal' Insignias in Ireland, c.1370-1410 in, editor(s)Peter Crooks, David Green and W. Mark Ormond , The Plantagenet Empire, 1259-1453, Donington, Shaun Tyas, 2016, pp216 - 231, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2016

Collective memory and municipal identity in the early modern Irish town in, editor(s)Dany Sandron , Le Passé dans la Ville, Paris, Presses de l'université Paris-Sorbonne, 2016, pp165 - 182, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2016

The Sam Maguire Cup in, editor(s)Fintan O'Toole, Catherine Marshall and Eibhear Walshe , Modern Ireland in 100 artworks, Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 2016, pp37 - 39, [Rachel Moss and Fintan O'Toole] Book Chapter, 2016

Rachel Moss, Review of The Art, Literature and Material Culture of the Medieval World, by Boulton, Meg, Hawkes, Jane and Herman, Melissa , Irish Theological Quarterly, 81, (2), 2016, p199-200 Review, 2016

Foreword in, editor(s)Howard B. Clarke and Ruth Johnson , The Vikings in Ireland and Beyond, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2015, ppxxvii - xxxiv, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2015

Dublin Castle Chapel before 1807 in, editor(s)Myles Campbell and William Derham , The Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle: An Architectural History, Dublin, Office of Public Works, 2015, pp29 - 37, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2015

Rachel Moss, Art and Architecture of Ireland. Volume 1: The Medieval Period, London and New Haven, Yale University Press, 2014, 600pp Book, 2014

Rachel Moss, Review of The Jacobean Plantation in Seventeenth-Century Offaly, by James Lyttleton , Irish Arts Review, 31, (1), 2014, p137-38 Review, 2014

Rachel Moss, Review of Insular and Anglo-Saxon: Art and Thought in the Early Medieval Period, by Colum Hourihane (ed) , Irish Theological Quarterly, (79), 2014, p294-96 Review, 2014

Rachel Moss, Review of Icons of Irishness from the Middle Ages to the Modern World , by Maggie M. Williams , Eolas:Journal of the American Society of Irish Medieval Studies, 7, 2014, p122-24 Review, 2014

Celtic Crosses; O'Kerin Family; wayside crosses, Paula Murphy, Art and Architecture of Ireland. Vol. 3. Sculpture, 1600-2000, London and New Haven, Yale University Press, 2014, [Rachel Moss] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2014

Foreword in, editor(s)Charles Doherty and Mary Kelly , Music and the Stars: Mathematics in Medieval Ireland, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2013, ppxii - xiv, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2013

Unfurling words of indulgence in, editor(s)Brendan Leahey and Salvador Ryan , Treasures of Irish Christianity: A People of the Word, Dublin, Veritas, 2013, pp103 - 107, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2013

'Planters of great civilitie': female patrons of the arts in late medieval Ireland in, editor(s)Therese Martin , Reassessing the Roles of Women as "Makers" of Medieval Art and Architecture, Leiden, Brill, 2012, pp275 - 308, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2012

Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle: Irish Monastic Architecture c. 1540-1640 in, editor(s)R. Stalley , Irish Gothic Architecture: Construction, Decay and Reinvention, Bray, Wordwell, 2012, pp115-160 , [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2012

Rachel Moss, Review of The Friars in Ireland, 1224-1540, by Colman O Clabaigh , Irish Theological Quarterly, (77:4), 2012, p404-405 Review, 2012

Reconstructing Cashel in, editor(s)R. Stalley , Irish Gothic Architecture: Construction, Decay and Reinvention, Bray, Wordwell, 2012, pp99-115 , [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2012

The Staff, the Snake and the Shamrock: St Patrick in Art in, editor(s)Anthony Harvey and Franz Fischer , Saint Patrick's Confessio Hypertext Stack, Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 2011, pp1-15 , [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2011 URL

'Continuity and change: the material setting of public worship in the sixteenth-century' in, editor(s)Thomas Herron and Michael Potterton , Dublin and the Pale in the Renaissance, 1494-1660, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2011, pp182 - 206, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2011

'The Architectectural Sculpture' in, editor(s)Charles Doherty, Linda Doran and Mary Kelly , Glendalough: City of God, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2011, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2011

'Piety and Politics: Funerary Sculpture in Cashel c. 1500-1640' in, editor(s)Roger Stalley , Medieval Art and Architecture in Limerick and south-west Ireland, British Archaeological Association Conference transactions for 2008, Leeds, Maney, 2011, pp158 - 175, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2011

Rachel Moss, Inishmurray: Monks and Pilgrims in an Atlantic Landscape, Review of Inishmurray: Monks and Pilgrims in an Atlantic Landscape, by Jerry O'Sullivan and Tomás Ó Carragáin , Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 138 (2008), 2010, p165-167 Review, 2010 URL

'Romanesque Sculpture in North Roscommon' in, editor(s)Thomas Finan , Medieval Lough Cé: History, Archaeology, and Landscape, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2010, pp119 - 144, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2010

Stone with Diaper Ornament in, editor(s)Ann Lynch , Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford: Cistercians and Colcloughs. Excavations 1982-2007, Dublin, Dept. of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, 2010, pp127 - 128, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2010

Castle, Richard; Deane and Woodward; Ireland; Lanyon, Sir Charles; Pearce, Sir Edward Lovett; Scott, Michael , P. Goode, Oxford Companion to Architecture, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2009, pp154,238,474-5,535-6,705,821-2 , [R. Moss] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2009

Rachel Moss, Romanesque chevron ornament: the language of British, Norman and Irish Sculpture in the twelfth century, BAR International Series 1908, Oxford, Archaeopress, 2009, 137pp Book, 2009

Rachel Moss, Review of Studies in the Gothic Revival, by Michael McCarthy and Karina O'Neill , Architecture Ireland, 240, 2008, p61 Review, 2008

Moss, Rachel, Appropriating the past: seventeenth-century preservation of the Romanesque in Ireland, Architectural History, 51, 2008, p63 - 86 Journal Article, 2008

Moss, Rachel and Behan, Avril, Metrology and Proportion in the Ecclesiastical Architecture of Medieval Ireland, Nexus : Architecture and Mathematics, vii, 2008, p171 - 183 Journal Article, 2008 URL

Moss, Rachel and Quinlan, Margaret, Leamonaghan, Co. Offaly Conservation Plan, Kilkenny, The Heritage Council, 2007, 72pp Book, 2007

Moss, R., A 12th Century Renaissance? Irish Romanesque Sculpture and the Insular Tradition, Making and Meaning in Insular Art, edited by Moss, Rachel , Four Courts Press, 2007, pp126 - 141 Conference Paper, 2007

Moss, Rachel, Making and Meaning in Insular Art, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2007, 342pp Book, 2007

Moss, Rachel, Review of Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture Vol.VII: South-west England, by Rosemary Cramp , Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 136, (2006), 2007, p191-192 Review, 2007 URL

Moss, R, Revivalist tendencies in the Irish Late Gothic: Defining a national identity?, Reading Gothic Architecture, edited by Reeve, M , Brepols, New York, 2007, pp123 - 137 Conference Paper, 2007

Moss, Rachel, O Clabaigh, Colman, Ryan, Salvador, Art and Devotion in Late Medieval Ireland, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2006, 234pp Book, 2006

Moss, R., Permanent expressions of piety: the secular and the sacred in later medieval stone sculpture, Art and Devotion in Late Medieval Ireland, edited by Moss, R., O Clabaigh, C and Ryan, S. , Four Courts Press, 2006, pp72 - 97 Conference Paper, 2006

R. Moss, Review of The Manor in Medieval and Early Ireland, by J. Lyttleton and T. O'Keeffe , Irish Arts Review, 22, (2), 2005, p140-142 Review, 2005

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R. Moss, Review of Towers, Spires and Pinnacles, by S. Hutchinson , Irish Architect, 191, 2003, p61 Review, 2003

Abbeyknockmoy; Abbeys; Ardfert; Athassal Priory; Ballintober Abbey; Cashel, Rock of; Christchurch Cathedral; Clonfert Cathedral; Corcomroe Abbey; Holycross Abbey; Inch Abbey; Jerpoint Abbey; Mellifont Abbey; Molana Abbey: Movilla Abbey; Quin Friary; Rahan; Romanesque; Rosserk Friary; Ratass; St Patrick's Cathedral; Timahoe; Tintern Abbey, B. Lalor, The Encyclopedia of Ireland, Dublin, Gill and MacMillan, 2003, [R. Moss] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2003

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G. Bradshaw and R. Moss, Towards a Prototype Model for Medieval Moulding Profile Acquisition , Digital Environments for Design, Heritage and Architecture; Proceedings of the15th annual Computers and the History of Art Conference, Glasgow, 1999, edited by T. Szrajber , 2000 Conference Paper, 2000 URL

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Susan Bioletti and Rachel Moss, Early Irish Gospel Books in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, 2016, 1 - 97pp Book, 2016

Rachel Moss, The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Royal Historical Society Newsletter, 12, (October), 2013, p4 - 5 Journal Article, 2013 URL

Rachel Moss, The Old Portal and Cathedral of Kilmore, Breifne, the journal of the Breifne Historical Society , xi, (46), 2011, p58 - 81 Journal Article, 2011

St Patrick's Well in, editor(s)Yvonne Scott and Rachel Moss , The Provost's House Stables and Environs, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, TRIARC and Associated Editions, 2008, pp73 - 83, [Rachel Moss] Book Chapter, 2008 TARA - Full Text

Yvonne Scott and Rachel Moss, The Provost's House Stables and Environs, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, TRIARC and Associated Editions, 2008, 1 - 93pp Book, 2008

Moss, Rachel, Mellifont:from monastery to mansion, Irish Arts Review, 24, (3), 2007, p85 - 87 Journal Article, 2007

R. Moss, St. Doulagh's Church, Balgriffin, The Irish Arts Review, 2003, p122 - 125 Journal Article, 2003

Research Expertise


  • Title
    • Monastic Ireland: Landscape and Settlement
  • Summary
    • Monastic Ireland: landscape and settlement is phase 2 of research initiated by Dr Rachel Moss, (TCD) Dr Edel Bhreathnach( the Discovery Programme) and Dr Malgorzata Krasnodebska-D'Aughton(UCC) in 2010. Phase 1, now nearing completion, has achieved the successful assembly of baseline data (historical synopses, image archives, transcriptions of relevant primary documents and tourism information) relating to monasteries across the island of Ireland. Phase 2 of the programme will seek to clarify the role of monasteries c. 1100-1700 in shaping the distribution and form of Irish urban and rural settlement. The role played by monastic communities in attracting adjacent settlements, and in the process of colonisation and social control of already established populations, will be analysed in the context of broader trends across Europe. The particularly rich survivals of relevant archaeological, architectural and documentary sources in Ireland means that it is ideally placed within the now vibrant arena of European monastic studies to answer key questions relevant to the Continent as a whole. The collaboration between TCD, UCC and the Discovery Programme will enable the project to combine more traditional desk-based study and field observation with cutting-edge technologies not usually harnessed in the disciplines of art history and history. Digital surveying techniques, including Lidar and geophysical survey, have the potential to reveal subtle changes in building fabric, and adjacent, now below ground, evidence of settlement not visible to the naked eye. This will provide new information, which will complement and clarify more traditional sources, research and teaching methods.
  • Funding Agency
    • IRC
  • Date From
    • 2013
  • Date To
    • 2016
  • Title
    • TCD Irish Gospel Books Project
  • Summary
    • The project entails the treatment, technical examination, digitisation and art historical study of four of TCD Library's most important early medieval gospel books; Codex Usserianius Primus, The Garland of Howth, the Book of Dimma and the Book of Mulling.
  • Funding Agency
    • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Date From
    • 2014
  • Date To
    • 2016
  • Title
    • Royal Irish Academy Art and Architecture of Ireland project
  • Summary
    • Art and Architecture in Ireland is an ambitious project to be administered by the Royal Irish Academy. The aim of the Project is to produce a definitive five volume academic reference text that covers the history of Irish art and architecture from c. AD400 to c.2000. It is envisaged that the text will also be published in digital form. Involvement includes editing and over two thirds of the written contributions to volume 1, Medieval Art and Architecture, c.400-1600.
  • Funding Agency
    • Naughton Trust and Department of Arts Sports and Tourism
  • Date From
    • 2008
  • Date To
    • 2014
  • Title
    • Reconstructions of the Gothic Past
  • Summary
    • This project aims to transform the study of Gothic architecture in Ireland through the use of modern analytical methods and data resources. The study will focus on the introduction and spread of Gothic forms, especially in the thirteenth century, and it will lay particular emphasis on the perception and exploitation of these buildings in succeeding ages. The intention is to establish a small research team, based on an existing area of strength within the School of Histories and Humanities. It is important to stress that there has been no 'defining' work on Irish Gothic design since the 1950s, and virtually no examination of the ways in which Irish design relates to Gothic found elsewhere in Europe, nor any examination of its relationship with the social and political contexts of the time. A key (and unusual) element in the proposal is the intention to take a 'holistic' view of the Gothic monuments involved, examining building as part of a continuous historical process; in other words the aim is to analyse buildings not just as monuments of one particular period, but as historical 'documents' which have much to tell us about the attitudes and aspirations of subsequent eras. The project will thus examine how the use and treatment of Gothic buildings has been affected by social, economic, religious and cultural change in subsequent ages (including the modern era). With its emphasis on the process of colonisation and post colonisation, combined with the investigation of how the meaning and perception of Gothic monuments have changed and evolved over a period of five hundred years.
  • Funding Agency
    • IRCHSS
  • Date From
    • 2008
  • Date To
    • 2011
  • Title
    • Monastic Ireland
  • Summary
    • The Monastic Ireland project aims to construct a website, database and image sensitive application of Irish monasteries, nunneries, houses of canons and mendicant foundations dating from 1100-1700AD. The website and database will aim to provide easily navigable information about each site (archaeology, architecture, archives, history, source references, access). It will also include photographs and location maps. The database will allow local communities and interested groups to see how challenges facing sites in their own locality are similar to those faced elsewhere. For educational and tourism purposes it will provide an overview of sites in a holistic regional context as opposed to individual sites devoid of a national and international narrative. This project will form the basis of a powerful tool for cultural tourism in Ireland. Project Partner with: Dr Edel Bhreathnach, (Discovery Programme)and Dr Malgorzata Krasnodebska-D'Aughton(UCC)
  • Funding Agency
    • Dept. of Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht; Fáilte Ireland (Applied Research Grant)
  • Date From
    • 2010
  • Date To
    • ongoing
  • Title
    • Crookshank Glin Archive
  • Summary
  • Funding Agency
    • Getty Foundation
  • Date From
    • 2005
  • Date To
    • 2008
  • Title
    • Prof. Edwin Rae Image Archive
  • Funding Agency
    • Heritage Council
  • Date From
    • 2007
  • Date To
    • 2008


Architecture History; Insular Art; Medieval Building technologies; Medieval Ireland; Medieval Sculpture; Restoration and Preservation; Romanesque art and architecture



Member, Board of Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin 2016-2020

Member, Board of the Science Gallery Dublin 2016-2020

Chair, Equality committee, Trinity College Dublin 2018-2020

President, Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 2013-2017

Member, Irish Committee for Historical Sciences 2015-

Member of Directorate, Discovery Programme (Heritage Council nominee) 2011-2015

Board member, Irish Architectural Archive (ministerial nominee) 2000-2005

Council member, Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 2007 -2011

Steering committee member, Mapping the Practice and Profession of Sculpture 1851-1951 project 2009-2011

Steering committee member, Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland Project 2002-13

Director, Eigse Heritage Services 1994-6

Awards and Honours

Elected President, Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 2013

Elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (London) 2011

University of Dublin 'Start-up' Lecturer Award 2004


Fellow, Society of Antiquaries (London)

Fellow, Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland

Member, International Centre for Medieval Art

Member, Irish Association of Art Historians