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Dr. Rachel Hoare
Assistant Professor, French

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Dr Rachel Hoare, I was lost in my life and they helped me find my way again': Befriendee and befriender experiences of the Spirasi Befriending Programme for survivors of torture in Ireland, Journal of Rehabilitation of Torture Survivors , 2023 Journal Article, 2023

Rachel Hoare, Using composite case material to develop trauma-informed psychoeducation for social care workers looking after unaccompanied minors in residential care in Ireland, Health and Social Care in the Community, 2022 Journal Article, 2022

Adolescences disrupted in displacement: the protective effect of friends as proxy family for unaccompanied adolescent refugees settling in Ireland in, editor(s)Ingrassia, Massimo , Adolescences, Intechopen Ltd, 2022, pp25 , [Rachel Hoare] Book Chapter, 2022 Other

Rachel Hoare, Friends as family: Using composite psychotherapy case material to explore the importance of friendships for unaccompanied adolescent refugees coping with the challenges of resettlement in Ireland, Journal of Refugee Studies, 2022 Journal Article, 2022

Rachel Hoare, From global phenomenon to framework for living: using the beautiful game creatively to provide therapeutic care for unaccompanied male adolescents seeking asylum in Ireland., International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care , 2020 Journal Article, 2020

Imelda Coyne(ed.), Children should be seen and heard, Children's Research Digest 2019, Trinity College, Dublin , December 2019, 2020 Proceedings of a Conference, 2020

Rachel Hoare, Combining the BASIC Ph model of coping and resiliency with creative approaches to football to provide therapeutic care for separated male adolescents seeking asylum in Ireland. , Inside Out Irish Journal of Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, 91, 2020 Journal Article, 2020

Rachel Hoare, I can only be properly myself when I'm with her': Early adolescent intra-ethnic immigrant group friendships as a safe place for identity exploration, negotiation and validation, Childhood, 2019, p1 - 19 Journal Article, 2019 DOI URL

Rachel Hoare, Ireland to the Lebanon and back: a case study of the use of Child-Centred Play Therapy and parental psychoeducation to reduce the separation anxiety of a pre-school child during his father's military deployment, The Irish Social Worker, Spring, 2016, p3-28 Journal Article, 2016

Giving voice to the experiences of children of immigrants in Ireland: An exploratory study of language, identity and emotional well-being. in, editor(s)Vera Regan , New Approaches to Multilingualism and Identity in Transnational Contexts, Oxford, Peter Lang, 2015, pp129 - 165, [Rachel Hoare] Book Chapter, 2015

Rachel Hoare, Neurobehavioural Disorder associated with prenatal Alcohol Exposure (ND-PAE), Play Therapy Matters Irish Association for Play Therapy and Psychotherapy, 1, (15), 2015, p13 - 20 Journal Article, 2015 TARA - Full Text

Rachel Hoare, Developing the proficient language learner: motivation, strategies, and the learning experience of Irish learners of French in a university setting, Teanga, 22, 2007, p28 - 52 Journal Article, 2007

Rachel Hoare, Language attitudes and perceptions of identity in Brittany, Teanga, 20, 2004, p163 - 192 Journal Article, 2004

Rachel Hoare, An Integrative Approach to Language and Attitudes in Brittany, Journal of Sociolinguistics, 5, (1), 2001, p73 - 84 Journal Article, 2001

Rachel Hoare, Attitudes and motivations of undergraduate learners of French: an integrative approach, Revue Parole, 20, 2001, p235 - 262 Journal Article, 2001

Rachel Hoare, L'identité linguistique des jeunes en Bretagne, Brittany, Brud Emgleo, 2000, 1 - 80pp Book, 2000

The relationship between language and attitudes in Brittany: The attitudes and perceptions of young Bretons in, editor(s)Steven McGill , Language and Marginality, Exeter, Elm Bank Publications, 2000, pp27 - 46, [Rachel Hoare] Book Chapter, 2000

Rachel Hoare, Linguistic competence and regional identity in Brittany: attitudes and perceptions of identity, Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 21, (4), 2000, p324 - 347 Journal Article, 2000

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Robbie Gilligan and Rachel Hoare, Gender Disparities and Disability: Identifying barriers for inclusion specific to girls with disabilities in Togo, Togo, 2019 Report, 2019 URL

Research Expertise


  • Title
    • Using inclusive research practices to understand, affirm and improve the befriending experiences and integration opportunities of refugees, international protection applicants and asylum seekers
  • Funding Agency
    • Irish Research Council
  • Date From
    • 1st November 2021
  • Date To
    • 31st August 2022
  • Title
    • Heritage, identity and psychological well-being: the voices of migrant children
  • Summary
    • This one day conference brought together students scholars and practitioners across the disciplines of psychology, sociology, education, social work and childhood research, to explore the voices of migrant children.
  • Funding Agency
    • Research Incentive Scheme, Trinity Long Room Hub
  • Date From
    • September 2016
  • Date To
    • November 2016
  • Title
    • Launch of the Centre for Forced Migration Studies
  • Funding Agency
    • Trinity Long Room Hub Research Incentive Scheme