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Dr. Andrea Mulligan
Assistant Professor, Law


I am an Assistant Professor of Law at the School of Law, teaching and researching in the field of Torts, Medical Law and Bioethics. My particular area of specialisation is the legal regulation of human reproductive technologies, ranging from established technologies such as IVF, surrogacy and donor-assisted conception to emerging and future technologies such as gene editing and human enhancement. I am interested in both the public law and private law aspects of this research field.

I also have research interests across the broader fields of Medical Law and Bioethics. My current research projects include work on the subjects of social care and vulnerable adults, and parental consent to gender reassignment surgery.

Flowing from my work in the field of reproductive technologies, I have an ongoing interest in the area of reproductive ethics, encompassing work on abortion ethics and regulation.

I graduated from the LL.B programme at the School of Law, before going on to study on the LL.M programme at Harvard Law School, where I specialised in reproductive technologies and constitutional law. I returned to TCD for my doctoral studies, and was awarded my doctorate in 2014, for my thesis entitled "Fundamental Right and Organising Principles in the Regulation of Assisted Reproduction in Ireland." I was called to the Bar of Ireland in 2012.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Andrea Mulligan, Frozen Embryo disposition in Ireland After Roche v Roche, Irish Jurist, 46, (1), 2011, p202- Journal Article, 2011

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Oran Doyle, Andrea Mulligan and Mary Rogan, Graduate Attributes, Curriculum Reform, and Pedagogical Innovation, LERU Law Schools Conference - The Future of Legal Pedagogy, Lund, 14 November 2018, 2018 Meeting Abstract, 2018

Andrea Mulligan Simon Mills, Medical Law in Ireland, 1st, Dublin, Bloomsbury Professional , 2017, 1 - 619pp Book, 2017

Research Expertise


My primary research interest is in the field of Medical Law and Bioethics. My particular area of specialisation is in the regulation of human reproductive technologies. I am currently focusing on the influence of the European Convention on Human Rights on the regulation of reproductive technologies at a domestic level across the Contracting States. This research explores the requirement to recognise parental status arising from international surrogacy arrangements, and on the identity rights of donor-conceived people under Article 8 ECHR. My current research in the broader field of Medical Law encompasses work on adult social care, and parental consent to gender reassignment surgery. I have an ongoing interest in reproductive ethics, and in abortion ethics and regulation, both at a domestic level and as regards fundamental rights protections under the ECHR. I am currently working on developing a duty-based account of abortion ethics. My secondary research specialisation is in the field of Data Protection Law, and in particular, the intersection of Data Protection Law and State surveillance.


Awards and Honours

Elected to Scholarship, Trinity College Dublin 2007

Lucy Gwynn Prize, Trinity College Dublin 2007

Kingsmill Moore Prize 2008

Fulbright Scholarship 2009

Dean's Scholar in Legal and Ethical Issues in Reproductive Technologies 2010

Ussher PhD Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin 2010-13