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Dr. Michael Feely
Assistant Professor, Social Studies

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Young people's experiences of youth participation in a mental health organisation in, editor(s)Deirdre Hogan and Danielle Keenan , Child and Youth Participation in Policy, Practice and Research, Oxford , Routledge , 2022, pp117 - 127, [Aoife Price and Michael Feely ] Book Chapter, 2022

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Thinking differently about the sexual capacities of bodies with Deleuze and the case of infertility among men with Down syndrome in, editor(s)Russell Shuttleworth, Linda Mona , Routledge Handbook of Disability and Sexuality, Abingdon, Routledge, 2021, pp68 - 84, [Michael Feely] Book Chapter, 2021

Michael Feely, Assemblage analysis: an experimental new-materialist method for analysing narrative data, Qualitative Research, 20, (2), 2020, p174 - 193 Journal Article, 2020 DOI URL TARA - Full Text Other

Catherine O'Leary & Michael Feely, Alignment of the Irish legal system and Article 13.1 of the CRPD for witnesses with communication difficulties, Disability Studies Quarterly, 38, (1), 2018 Journal Article, 2018 DOI TARA - Full Text

Aoife Price & Michael Feely, Participation in a youth mental health organisation: impacts on resilience of young people , Children's Research Digest, 4, (1), 2017, p55 - 60 Journal Article, 2017 URL TARA - Full Text URL

Michael Feely, Sexual surveillance and control in a community based intellectual disability service , Sexualities, 2016 Journal Article, 2016 DOI TARA - Full Text

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Michael Feely, IQ, Speciation and Sexuality: How Suspicions of Sexual Abuse are Produced within a Contemporary Intellectual Disability Service, Somatechnics, 5, (2), 2015, p174 - 196 Journal Article, 2015 TARA - Full Text DOI

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Michael Feely, New Materialism: Opening New Lines of Inquiry within Disability Studies - Video of Talk, New Materialism: Opening New Lines of Inquiry within Disability Studies, The Centre for Disability Studies, The University of Leeds, 2020 Oral Presentation, 2020 URL URL

Christine Magee, Tomás Murphy, Margaret Turley, Michael Feely, Edurne García Iriarte, Roy McConkey and Inclusion Ireland, 19 Stories of Social Inclusion - Ireland: Stories of Belonging, Contributing and Connecting, Dublin , National Disability Authority , 2019 Report, 2019 URL TARA - Full Text

Christine Magee, Tomás Murphy, Margaret Turley, Michael Feely, Edurne García Iriarte, Roy McConkey and Inclusion Ireland, '19 Stories of Social Inclusion - Documentary Videos ', Part of the 19 Stories of Social Inclusion: Ireland project, 2019, - Visual art production, 2019 URL URL

Michael Feely, Mei Lin Yap, Margaret Turley, Sean Mooney , 'Supporting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities to become Lecturers in the School of Social Work and Social Policy - Video Production ', 2017, - Visual art production, 2017 URL

García Iriarte, E., O'Donoghue, M., Keenan, P., & Feely, M., A Literature Review to Inform the Development of a National Framework for Person-Centred Planning in Disability Services, Dublin , HSE & NDA on behalf of National New Directions Implementation Group, February, 2017, p1 - 116 Report, 2017 URL TARA - Full Text

Research Expertise


Disability; intellectual disability; supporting self-advocacy; sexuality; gender; social theory; critical theory; Foucault; Deleuze.


  • Title
    • Supporting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities to become Co-lecturers in the School of Social Work and Social Policy: An Experimental Participatory Action Research Project
  • Summary
    • The principle of striving to include people with intellectual disabilities in mainstream education and research is now wholeheartedly embraced by the disability rights movement, by the social work profession, and by Trinity College. The disability rights movement adopted the slogan 'NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US' decades ago, insisting that people with disabilities should have a role in developing and shaping policy and research relevant to their lives (Charlton, 1998). Mirroring this, over recent years, the social work profession has also embraced inclusion and participation, establishing these as ethical imperatives in all aspects of practice, including education and research (CORU, 2010). Finally, Trinity College has, for some time, been at the cutting edge of including people with intellectual disabilities in mainstream third level education. Trinity's pioneering Certificate in Contemporary Living, in particular, has allowed hundreds of adults with intellectual disabilities to attend, and participate in the student life of, the university. Moreover this innovative course has also served as a model for third level institutions throughout Ireland (and abroad) to emulate, which has - in turn - allowed many more adults with intellectual disabilities experience student life. In keeping with the inclusive aspirations of the disability rights movement, of the social work profession and of Trinity College, and in attempting to break new ground in inclusive teaching and research, our project's aims and objectives are: 1. To provide adults with intellectual disabilities with the opportunity, and the necessary support, to become co-lecturers and co-researchers and to experience academic life in Trinity. 2. To provide undergraduate social work students with the opportunity to learn best practice for supporting adults with intellectual disabilities from adults with intellectual disabilities. 3. To research the experiences of adults with intellectual disabilities as they become university educators, as well as the experiences of the students they teach, and to publish the findings of this research in relevant peer reviewed journals. 4. To provide an example of innovative and inclusive teaching that could serve as a model for other departments in Trinity that prepare students to work with adults with intellectual disabilities and other marginalised groups.
  • Funding Agency
    • CAPSL: Trinity Teaching Innovation Grants
  • Date From
    • 22/10/2015
  • Date To
    • 2017


Awards and Honours

Trinity Teaching Innovation Award 2015

PhD passed with 'no corrections' 2014

DEL PhD Scholarship (Queen's University) 2010

Queen's University Belfast Larmor Scholarship 2012


Professional Social Worker (Registered with CORU) 2009 – Present