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Dr. Lara Mc Manus
Research Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine


Dr Lara McManus is a Principal Investigator in the Academic Unit of Neurology, working in the EXG research group. She is also a Royal Society-Science Foundation Ireland Research Fellow and a Research Assistant Professor in the School of Medicine. Her research applies an engineering approach to analyse electrophysiological signals from the brain and muscle, using this information to gain a window into the function of the nervous system. She is particularly interested in how we can use these recordings to gain new insights into conditions where normal motor control is disrupted (in stroke, fatigue, in Parkinson"s disease and in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS, also known as motor neurone disease). Her recent work has focused on developing new methodologies to extract information from high density electromyographic (EMG) signals, which allows the electrical activity of motor units within the muscle to be directly examined. This information is extremely useful for understanding motor function and neurodegenerative diseases, as motor neurons are the final pathway through which activation signals from the brainstem/spinal cord are transmitted to muscle. Dr McManus's current project will use high density electrode grids to examine the neuroelectric signalling between the brain and motor neurons in ALS. This project will be the first to incorporate direct estimates from motor units to examine brain-muscle connectivity in ALS. These connectivity markers have the potential to enable us to quantify different aspects of ALS that cannot currently be measured or assessed and may facilitate the detection of early signs of motor unit dysfunction. They will be used to develop precision-medicine based biomarkers of disease that can be incorporated into ALS clinical trials. Dr McManus is funded by a Royal Society-Science Foundation Ireland University Research Fellowship and a Biomedical Project Grant from the UK Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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