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Dr. Alejandra Ramos
Assistant Professor, Economics


Alejandra is Assistant Professor in Economics at Trinity College Dublin. In her work, she explores and quantifies how social expectations of women and men constrain individual choices and looks at creative ways to close the gaps. In addition to gender, attitudes and violence, she also investigates how to retain and motivate talented teachers and other talented workers.

Alejandra obtained her Ph.D. in Economics from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in July 2017. She holds a master in Economic Analysis from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, an MSc in Economics from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and a master in Economics from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Selim Gulesci, Maria Lombardi, Alejandra Ramos, Telenovelas and attitudes toward the LGBTQ+ community in Latin America, Labour Economics, 2024 Journal Article, 2024 DOI

Samuel Berlinski and Alejandra Ramos, Teacher mobility and merit pay: Evidence from a voluntary public award program, Journal of Public Economics, 186, 2020, p104186 Journal Article, 2020 DOI

Samuel Berlinski and Alejandra Ramos, Peer effects in the decision to apply for a professional excellence award, Labour Economics, 67, 2020, p101934 Journal Article, 2020 DOI

Jurgen Maurer and Alejandra Ramos , One-Year Routine Opportunistic Screening for Hypertension in Formal Medical Settings and Potential Improvements in Hypertension Awareness Among Older Persons in Developing Countries: Evidence From the Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health (SAGE), American Journal of Epidemiology, 2015 Journal Article, 2015

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Samuel Berlinski and Alejandra Ramos, Peer Effects in the Decision to Apply for a Professional Excellence Award, 2020 Working Paper, 2020 DOI

Anne-Marie Urban and María Ágreda and Alejandra Ramos and Diana Ortiz, Hacia un mejor entendimiento de la discriminación por orientación sexual e identidad de género, 2020 Report, 2020 DOI

Samuel Berlinski and Alejandra Ramos, Research Insights: Does Merit Pay among Public School Teachers Affect the Mobility of Teachers Out of Teaching or within the School System?, 2020, - Miscellaneous, 2020 DOI

Mushfiq Mobarak & Alejandra Ramos, The Effects of Migration on Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence for Exposure Reduction Theory in Bangladesh , 2019 Working Paper, 2019

Samuel Berlinski and Alejandra Ramos, Does Rewarding Pedagogical Excellence Keep Teachers in the Classroom?: Evidence from a Voluntary Award Program, 2018 Working Paper, 2018 DOI

Alejandra Ramos, Household Decision Making with Violence: Implications for Transfer Programs, 2017 Working Paper, 2017

Research Expertise


  • Title
    • Impact of a gender targeted graduation model and norm-transforming intervention on IPV
  • Summary
    • The additional IPV module will measure lifetime and past 12-month experiences of intimate-partner violence at baseline of Concern's Worldwide graduation model intervention in Malawi. Grant value: $33,526
  • Funding Agency
    • Innovation for Poverty Action and International Rescue Committee
  • Date From
    • 1/06/2019
  • Date To
    • 31/12/2021


Awards and Honours

Master in Arts (jure officii), University of Dublin 2022

César González Muñoz Award, Best Young Economist, Universidad Nacional de Colombia 2021

Trinity Excellence in Teaching Award 2020

Trinity College Dublin Provost's PhD Project Award 2019

Irish Economic Association, Conniffe Prize for Best Paper by a Young Economist 2018