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Co-Authored Research Papers 2013-2018
Source: Scopus


Institution Country Co-authored publications
Harvard University United States of America 354
University of Toronto Canada 289
McGill University Canada 169
National Institutes of Health United States of America 160
University of Melbourne Australia 159
University of Queensland Australia 157
Stanford University United States of America 138
Monash University Australia 130
Johns Hopkins University United States of America 123
University of British Columbia Canada 123
University of Southern California United States of America 123
University of Pennsylvania United States of America 116
University of California at Los Angeles United States 115
Chinese Academy of Sciences China 114
Columbia University United States of America 111
RAS Russian Federation 110
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) United States of America 109
University of Montreal Canada 106
University of Washington United States of America 102
University of Sydney Australia 101
University of California at San Francisco United States of America 99
National University of Singapore Singapore 95
Broad Institute United States of America 94
St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) Russian Federation 91
Washington University St. Louis United States of America 91
University of North Carolina United States of America 89
University of Vermont United States of America 89
University of California at Berkeley United States of America 88
Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States of America 86
University of Athens Greece 86
University of Pittsburgh United States of America 83


Institution Country Co-authored publications
University College London United Kingdom 432
CNRS France 391
King's College London United Kingdom 372
Queen's University Belfast United Kingdom 366
University of Oxford United Kingdom 350
University of Cambridge United Kingdom 317
INSERM France 312
Imperial College London United Kingdom 304
University of Edinburgh United Kingdom 281
Université Paris-Saclay France 266
ComUE Paris-Saclay France 252
Heidelberg University Germany 248
University of Copenhagen Denmark 238
Cardiff University United Kingdom 218
Karolinska Institutet Sweden 215
Medical Research Council United Kingdom 215
University of Nottingham United Kingdom 210
University of Amsterdam Netherlands 201
Université Paris-Sud France 197
Université Pierre et Marie Curie France 195


Institution Co-authored publications
University College Dublin 1,314
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 656
University College Cork 648
National University of Ireland, Galway 405
Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 304
Dublin City University 303
Technological University Dublin 287
Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children 258
University of Limerick 214
Maynooth University 199
Mid-Western Regional Hospital Limerick 174
Teagasc 86
Waterford Institute of Technology 32
Environmental Protection Agency 30
Health Research Board 29
National College of Ireland 23
The Rotunda Hospital Dublin 23
Athlone Institute of Technology 21
Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown 19
Marine Institute 18
Forensic Science Ireland 16
Health Protection Surveillance Centre 16
Institute of Technology Sligo 15
Central Bank of Ireland 14
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 14
Dundalk Institute of Technology 13
Our Lady's Hospice Ltd, Dublin 10
Geological Survey of Ireland 8
Cork Institute of Technology 7
Dublin Business School 7
Institute of Technology Carlow 7
Dublin City Council 6
Electricity Supply Board Ireland 5
IdentiGEN Ltd 5
Irish Cattle Breeding Federation 5
Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology 4
Sport Ireland Institute 4
Food Safety Authority of Ireland 3
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology 3
National Parks and Wildlife Service Ireland 3
North Western Health Board Sligo General Hospital 3
APC Ltd 2
EirGrid Plc 2
Irish Blood Transfusion Service 2
Nsilico Lifescience Ltd 2
Compass Informatics Ltd 1
Elan Corporation 1
Enterprise Ireland 1
Leterkenny Institute of Technology 1
Limerick Institute of Technology 1
OncoMark Limited 1
Science Foundation Ireland 1


Company Country Co-authored publications
GlaxoSmithKline United Kingdom 39
Lucent United States 39
Intel United States of America 37
IBM United States of America 31
Nokia Finland 26
Eli Lilly United States of America 24
Pfizer United States of America 23
Johnson & Johnson United States of America 21
Novartis Switzerland 20
deCODE Genetics Iceland 18
Google Inc. United States of America 17
Genentech Incorporated United States of America 15
IBM Research United States of America 14
Biogen IDEC United States of America 12
Ericsson AB Sweden 12
H. Lundbeck A/S Denmark 12
Microsoft USA United States 12
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG Switzerland 11
Merck United States of America 11
SINTEF Norway 11
Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH Germany 10
NEC Corporation Japan 10