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Professor Geoff Clayton

Fellow Emeritus TCD and Visiting Professor in Palynology, University of Sheffield

Tel: + 353 1 896 2002  + 353 872324735
Office: Museum Building, Office 1.3


My research is in the fields of palynology (organic-walled microfossils) and organic petrology  (the study of microscopic organic matter in sedimentary rocks). I am especially interested in the application of palynology for dating and correlating Late Devonian and Carboniferous rocks worldwide, and in interpreting depositional environments, palaeoclimate and palaeogeography. With regard to organic petrology, I am interested in new methods for assessing the organic maturity and thermal history of hydrocarbon source rocks. I also work on the assessment of shale gas potential of Late Palaeozoic sequences. Current research projects mainly focus on Devonian and Mississippian rocks in the eastern USA, Ireland, Portugal, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the Barents Sea.

Selected Publications

LOPES, G., MANGERUD, G., CLAYTON, G. and MORK, A. 2016. New insights on East Finmark platform palyhostratigraphy and paleogeography - A study of three shallow cores from a Mississippian succession in the Barents Sea, Norway. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 450, 60-76.

ROONEY, A., CLAYTON, G. and GOODHUE, R. 2013. The dispersed spore Retusotriletes loboziakii sp. nov., affiliated with the enigmatic Late Devonian alga Protosalvinia Dawson 1884. Palynology, 37, 196-201.

FERNANDES, P., RODRIGUES, B., BORGES, M., MATOS, V. and CLAYTON, G.  2013. Organic maturation of the Algarve Basin (southern Portugal) and its bearing on thermal history and hydrocarbon exploration. Marine & Petroleum Geology, 46, 210-233.

NAYLOR, D., AL-RAWI, M.,  CLAYTON, G., FITZPATRICK, M.J. and GREEN, P. F. 2013. Hydrocarbon potential in Jordan. Journal of Petroleum Geology, 36, 205-236.

FERNANDES, P., MUSGRAVE, J.A., CLAYTON, G., PEREIRA, Z., OLIVEIRA, J.T., GOODHUE, R. and RODRIGUES, B. 2012. New evidence concerning the thermal history of Devonian and Carboniferous rocks in the South Portuguese Zone. Journal of the Geological Society, 169, 647-654.

WICANDER, R., CLAYTON, G., MARSHALL, J.E.A., TROTH, I. and RACEY, A. 2011.Was the latest Devonian glaciation a multiple event? New palynological evidence from Bolivia. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 305, 75-83.

GOODHUE, R. and CLAYTON, G. 2010. Palynomorph Darkness Index (PDI) - a new technique for assessing thermal maturity. Palynology, 34, 147-156.

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