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Dr. Eyad Abushandi

Assistant Professor (Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering)

Office: Museum Building, Office 2.2B


I carry out research on surface hydrology for arid and semi-arid areas. Briefly, this work is mainly focused on flood modelling and management, where I developed and applied lumped and distributed hydrologic models for different climatic zones. In addition, I developed new methods to process satellite images to understand the impact of climate change and human fingerprints on increasing flood events. During the last twelve years, I participated in many hydrology related projects as Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigator, or Consultant in Jordan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Furthermore, I continuously participate in organizing international research conferences.


The following are examples of my research topics:

  • 12/2019-06/2022: A Conceptual Framework for the Design of an Arid Urban Flood Estimation System.
    • Funding Organization: The Research Council, Oman
    • Principal Investigator: Eyad Abushandi
  • 10/2021-12/2021: Shoreline Erosion Monitoring Using Drone and High-Resolution Imagery.
    • Funding Organization: Oman Environment Authority
    • Principal Investigator: Eyad Abushandi
  • 06/2018-10/2018: Seawater Intake System Design, Sohar Industrial Port Company (SIPC).
    • Funding Organization: Sohar Industrial Port Company (SIPC), Dutch-Omani Cooperation
    • Principal Investigator: Eyad Abushandi
  • 09/2018-04/2019: Early Warning System Design for Flash Flood in Sohar/Oman,
    • Funding Organization: The Research Council/ Oman
    • Principal Investigator: Eyad Abushandi
  • 09/2017-08/2018: Research Project: Storm Drainage Network Design for Arid Catchment: Parameters and Considerations.
    • Funding Organization: The Research Council, Oman
    • Principal Investigator: Eyad Abushandi
  • 04/2017-10/2017: Sustainable Power Production from Sea Waves, "Electro-Wave.
    • Funding Organization: Nama Company, Oman
    • Principal Investigator: Eyad Abushandi
  • 09/2014-09/2016: Research Project: Risk Assessment and Management of Flash Floods in Wadi Al Laith and Yalamlam, Western Saudi Arabia.
    • Funding Organization: King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
    • Co-Investigator: Eyad Abushandi
  • 01/2014-09/2015: Research Project: Flash Floods Assessment and Management over Tabuk Area: Causes, Dangers and Solutions (Field Study).
    • Funding Organization: Tabuk University, Saudi Arabia
    • Principal Investigator: Eyad Abushandi
  • 1/2014-11/2015     Research Project: Impact of Wadis Morphology Changes on Flood Characteristics in Case of Flooding.
    • Funding Organization: Tabuk University, Saudi Arabia
    • Principal Investigator: Eyad Abushandi
  • 4/2014-11/2014 Developing an expert system for estimating construction projects cost in KSA.
    • Funding Organization: Hail University, Saudi Arabia.
    • Co-Investigator: Eyad Abushandi


I completed my Post Graduate Certificate for Higher Education (PGCHE) from Edge Hill University/ UK which designed to equip holders with the skills needed to provide high-quality education aligned with the Higher Education Professional Standards. I follow these standards in designing the modules I teach.

M.Sc. Program

  • ES7043: Hydrology and Groundwater Quality
  • ES7049: Practical Environmental Skills

B.Sc. Program

  • GLU33009: Hydrology and Groundwater Quality


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