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Dr Quentin Crowley

Associate Professor. Director, Trinity Centre for the Environment. Academic lead of EIT Climate-KIC at TCD.

Tel: + 353 1 896 2403 
Office: Museum Building, Office 0.15C


I have over 25 years of research and teaching experience in a wide range of geological and environmental science related themes. My current research focus is on geoscience and sustainability, where I utilise my broad geological knowledge to innovate around key societal challenges. I have developed and delivered several new modules, courses, and programmes on themes of sustainability and climate action, for example a new postgraduate certificate in Climate Entrepreneurship developed in collaboration with TCD Tangent in 2021, and the Climate Leadership Journey programme in conjunction with EIT Climate-KIC in 2022.


The following are examples of my current research topics:

  • Ireland’s Knowledge Centre for Carbon and Climate (IKC3): €3.7M. Funded by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science as a Human Capital Initiative Project through the Higher Education Authority. This is a collaborative project between Munster Technological University, University College Dublin, and Trinity College Dublin. Commencing in April 2022, the project will develop Ireland's knowledge and skills to enable innovative and systemic adaptation of enterprise and society to a decarbonized economy and sustainable living.
  • Climate Leadership Journey: €142k annually. Funded by EIT Climate-KIC, EU Commission and co-funded locally through the Higher Education Authority. For 2022, this is a collaborative project with four separate consortia. For 2022 I am consortium lead with Riga Technical University (Latvia) and Cleantech Estonia to co-develop and co-deliver an innovative education programme empowering individuals through with climate action and climate leadership training.
  • Radon: >€350k. Funded from various sources, including the Irish Research Council, Geological Survey Ireland, and the Environmental Protection Agency (Ireland). Ireland has some of the highest indoor radon levels, and some of this highest radon-related lung cancer incidences in Europe. My research has developed novel methodologies for measuring and modelling indoor radon and modelling the spatial distribution of the adverse health effects of radon exposure. My research has informed legislation in Ireland and I collaborate with several international bodies including the WHO / IARC and JRC.
  • Environmental Proxies: >€185k. Funded from various sources, including the Higher Education Authority, the Marine Institute, and Geological Survey Ireland. I am actively developing new environmental proxies from biominerals in order to better understand the magnitude and time-scales of past environmental change, and to better understand changes in the contemporary environment. Examples of biomineral proxies currently under investigation include cold-water corals (e.g. Lophelia pertusa) and salmonoid fish scales. Examples of my research outputs in this area can be found in the publication list below. I currently collaborate with GMIT and the MI to investigate the use of micro-chemistry of fish scales as proxies for geographic affinity to trace freshwater-marine migration of salmon. I have also worked with human and animal archaeological samples to better understand diet, migration and social / farming practices.

Postgraduate Students & Post-docs

I currently mentor the following post-doc:

  • Dr Sina Mousavi. Quantification of gamma radiation exposure, and radon-thoron exhalation rates in representative building materials in Ireland
  • Erica Krueger, PhD. Assessing the impacts of multiple stressors on cold-water corals and developing novel geochemical proxies for environmental change

Past postgraduate students include:

  • Meabh Hughes, PhD. 2022. A soil geochemistry and soil-radon study of Castleisland, Co. Kerry.
  • Eoghan Corbett, PhD, 2021. Refinement of high spatial resolution U-Pb geochronologic methodologies, TCD. Co-supervised by Tony Simonetti, University of Notre Dame, USA.
  • Sina Mousavi, PhD, 2021. Modelling of geogenic radon and health risk assessment in public buildings and workplaces.
  • Shane Lavery, MSc, 2019. Developing a predictive model for Mo mineralisation in a porphyry system.
  • Saskia Ryan, PhD, 2017. Sr Isotopes in the Irish Biosphere, TCD.
  • Kyle Heron, PhD, 2016. Geochronology and Gold Mineralisation in the Mesoarchean Tasiat Terrane, Mauritania. TCD.
  • Vincent Mouchi, PhD, 2016. Biomineralisation and Isotope Proxies for Environmental Change. TCD.
  • Neil Grumbley, MSc, 2015. Geological Evolution of the Haib Cu-Mo Porphyry Deposit, Southern Namibia. TCD.
  • John MacDonald, PhD, 2010. Crustal boundaries in the Precambrian - what tectonics do they represent? PhD. Co-supervised with John Wheeler, University of Liverpool, UK.
  • Chris Lawley, PhD, 2010. Nature and timing of gold mineralisation in a Paleoprotozeroic domain of Tanzania. Co-supervised with David Selby, Durham University, UK.
  • Gavin Chan, PhD, 2008. Ophiolite complexes preserved along the Yarlung Tsangpo suture zone (YTSZ), Southern Tibet. Co-supervised with Mike Searle, University of Oxford.
  • James Blight, PhD, 2008. The geological evolution of the Saykhandulaan Inlier, Mongolia: A window into the Palaeozoic growth of the South Gobi Mineral Belt. Co-supervised with Dickson Cunningham, University of Leicester, UK.
  • Joanne Neilson, PhD, 2007.  From slab break-off to triggered eruptions: tectonic controls of Caledonian post-orogenic magmatism. Co-supervised with Peter Kokelaar, University of Liverpool, UK.


My teaching is based on active learning (“learning by doing”), with a research-lead focus. I teach a wide variety of courses across different disciplines. I also work with EIT Climate-KIC to design and deliver an international postgraduate programme in Climate Leadership.

I am Academic Director of a part-time postgraduate certificate in Climate Entrepreneurship with Tangent, which is funded though the Springboard+ initiative of the Higher Education Authority. Springboard+ is a government initiative offering free and heavily subsidised courses. The Climate Entrepreneurship course has funding for 2022-2024 and places are offered to eligible applicants. Climate entrepreneurs can be defined as change agents who see the creation of ventures as a way to address urgent environmental challenges. Co-delivered by Tangent with Trinity’s School of Natural Sciences, this course is for change makers, innovators, business leaders, and community activists who recognise the need for change and are looking for guidance on how to best activate it. More information is available on the Tangent website, or by emailing

I currently coordinate the following modules:

M.Sc. Environmental Sciences
ES70XX Climate Leadership Journey (10 ECTS)

ES7057 Environmental Entrepreneurship (5 ECTS)

BA Geography & Geoscience
GSU44002 Geoscience Field Course (5 ECTS)

GLU44009 Geoscience for a Sustainable Planet (5 ECTS)

I currently coordinate the following modules (* indicates module designer):

Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Entrepreneurship
IA7027 Systems Innovation for Climate Action (10 ECTS)*

IA7028 Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Climate Adaptation and Mitigation (10 ECTS)*

IA7029 Climate Enterprise Development (10 ECTS)*

BA Geography and Geoscience
GSU44003 Geoscience Frontiers Past, Present and Future (5ECTS)

GGU330012 Natural Hazards (5 ECTS)

MSc Environmental Sciences
ES7001 Induction Week (5 ECTS)

ES7049 Practical Environmental Skills (5 ECTS)

CHARM EU Masters in Global Challenges for Sustainability
M3 Transdisciplinary Research (10 ECTS)

Software Downloads

AERYN. This is a MATLAB based standalone application for visualizing and enhancing elemental maps. To use AERYN you must first download and install the free Matlab Runtime R2015a (8.5) from the MathWorks website.


Krueger, E.T., Mouchi, V., Monteys, X., McCarron, S., Lim, A., Crowley, Q.G.  2024. Development and physical characteristics of the Irish shelf-edge Macnas Mounds, Porcupine Seabight, NE Atlantic. Int J Earth Sci (Geol Rundsch). DOI.

Mousavi Aghdam, M., Crowley, Q. 2024. Application of GIS and spatiotemporal analyses in viral infection modelling using multiple datasets – A case study on the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, Medicina de Familia. SEMERGEN, 50, 4, 102159. DOI.

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