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Geological Gallery opens in the Museum Building

April 2023

Recently an exhibition “Colour in Geology” opened in the new Geological Gallery which is situated on the ground floor of the Museum Building. The Gallery is named for the late Charles Hepworth Holland (Professor of Geology and Mineralogy 1966–1990).

Colour in geological mapping is important as it provides a visual language whereby the distribution of rocks types is easily recognised through the colours employed. Granite is usually depicted in red and limestone in blue. Stone itself can display a variety of colours and many are exploited for their wonderful patterns and colouration, such as the iconic Connemara Marble or Cork Red limestone seen in the Museum Building.

The exhibition contains a selection of geological maps, lithographs of geological subjects including Irish landscapes and fossil amphibians, and samples of coloured decorative and dimensions stone utilized in the Museum Building itself and elsewhere in Ireland.

Currently the exhibition is open Tuesday to Friday 10am to 4pm.

It is anticipated that in the near future the Geological Gallery will be expanded in size and more permanent displays comprising treasures from the College’s geological holdings will be displayed alongside dynamic temporary exhibits highlighting geological research carried out in Trinity.

Further details are available from Patrick Wyse Jackson

Geology gallery

Geology gallery