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Zinc through the Deccan Traps

March 2016

Postgraduate Nils Suhr has returned from fieldwork in India! Nils went to study chemical weathering on the Deccan Trap basalt and to better understand the loss of essential elements, particularly zinc, during soil formation processes.

In addition, he took samples for Zn isotope measurements from agricultural land. This latter work aims to understand the Zn isotope fractionation in crop systems, which has the potential to combat Zn deficiency in farming intensive regions. This research is important because many adults and children suffer from malnutrition due to Zn deficiency in soils.

Nils would like to thank Dr. Bandana Samant & Dr. Dhananjay Mohabey, as well as the The Postgraduate Department of Geology, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University for their great support and help during the field work.

VMSG 2016
Image: Nils Suhr (PhD student, left) and collaborator Mike Widdowson (University of Hull, right) are revisiting the fabulous saprolite palaeosol near Chhindawara with the generous help of Dhanajay Mohabeyd (Geological Survey of India, middle).