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January 2016

VMSG 2016
Full attention for Jon Blundy's keynote talk

TCD Geology hosted the annual Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group meeting, on 6-8th Jan 2016. The meeting was organized by Emma Tomlinson, Balz Kamber, Teresa Ubide, John Caulfield, Clare Stead, Carolina Rosca, Nancy Riggs, Paul Guyett and Ian Meighan and run with the help of a fantastic team of students and technical staff. The 3-day meeting attracted 170 delegates, mostly from the UK and Ireland but with a strong international presence from across Europe and as far afield as the USA and South Africa.  The research presented had a strongly geochemical theme, reflecting the research interests within the Geology Department, with sessions on geochemical cycling in the mantle, subduction zones, magmatic histories, and magmatic volatiles. Keynote presentations were given by Prof. Jon Blundy, (Bristol), who talked about the magma buoyancy as a driving force behind volcanic eruptions; Prof. Guido Giordano (Roma Tre) on the interplay between magma degassing and rheology; and our own Prof. Balz Kamber speaking about plume and impact magmatism. The Mineralogical Society’s Hallimond Lecture was given by Prof. David Pyle (Oxford) on understanding the environmental impacts of volcanic eruptions. We also had a live conference call with Yan Lavellée, who accepted his VMSG award while on fieldwork in Guatemala.

VMSG 2016

We showcased our geochemical facilities with a 1-day workshop on 2d LA-ICP-MS mapping, attended by 25 students and postdocs. We also showcased Trinity, with a geology-themed campus tour (led by Patrick Wyse Jackson) finishing at the Museum building, also the venue for the icebreaker and home to our newest piece of equipment: the popcorn maker. A third of the delegates braved the rain and 7.30 am start to visit the Giants Causeway for the post-conference field trip to argue about columns.




VMSG 2016
Teresa Ubide discusses LA-ICP-MS mapping at the workshop
VMSG 2016
VMSG2016 descend on the cooled and contracted Antrim basalts