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New IGGP Organic Geochemistry course available!

February 2015

What?...Principles and Applications of Organic Geochemistry [TCD 001].

This course will be a combination of lectures and applied practicals, focusing on an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of organic geochemistry. Topics include the production and preservation of organic matter, the use and study of molecular biomarkers and stable isotopes, and source rock evaluation. The module presents a variety of applications including the use of organic geochemistry in the study of Earth history, in paleoclimate, in the study of modern ecosystems, and in petroleum exploration.

Why?...This fundamentals course would be of interest to a variety of postgrads and postdocs from a wide spectrum across the geosciences, as well as to people working in industry.

Who?...Prof. Alex Bradley is an organic geochemist at Washington University in St. Louis (USA) who is interested in understanding where geologically stable molecular structures come from and what information is encoded in their structures and isotopes. Alex heads an exciting lab group, has gained experience at top research universities (Ph.D. at MIT, postdoctoral fellow at Harvard), and has won awards for his teaching.

When?...11-14 May 2015

Where?...Technology & Enterprise Centre, Trinity College Dublin