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Trinity In Twelve Weeks

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This week we're looking at some of the toolkit you'll need as a Trinity student, including your email, Blackboard, Student Apps & Software and plagiarism

Your MyZone Email

How to access it

To access your Trinity email account you must first have fully completed online registration at and obtained your Trinity computer account username and password in the Intray message there. The Intray message also contains steps on how to set your password, something you must do before you can access all services. Once you have done this, to access your Trinity email account:

  1. Browse to the MyZone sign-in page
  2. Click the Sign in link near the top left of the page. New students will only be able to sign in after setting their own password - see the advice on our username and passwords page.
  3. Enter your Trinity email address, in the form, and your password
  4. You can access your Mail, Calendar and Drive via the links at the top right of the screen via the Apps icon
MyZone email

What you get from it

MyZone gives you access to email, but also to Google Drive and your calendar. Because you keep the email address for life, you also have access to your Drive for life

What it's used for

Official Communications: you will receive official Trinity communications at your MyZone Trinity email address so you need to check it regularly, as well as your student information portal. Keeping an eye on both will ensure you are up to date on all important messages throughout your studies.

You will receive a lot of emails from College, your course, clubs & societies. It is your responsibility to make sure you read them. If an email was sent to you that you did not read, that will not be accepted as an excuse!

MyZone FAQs

FAQ site
MyZone Information from IT Services


What is Blackboard for?

Blackboard (also called MyModule) is Trinity's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Your lecturers can upload class notes, set quizzes and tests, and create collaborative learning spaces (such as forums) for you on Blackboard. Just because they can does not mean they all will though, and some lecturers will prefer not to upload their lecture notes to the platform. Blackboard does not replace attending your lectures, as the lecturer will give you much more information in class than you will see on their slides, and attendance at classes is important for doing well. You may also be asked to submit your assignments through Blackboard.

Logging In

You will need your TCD username and password to login (the same one you use for your MyZone email). When you login, you should automatically see the modules you are taking on your dashboard. You can also access Blackboard through the Bb Student App on your iPhone, Android or tablet but you won't be able to do things like submit assignments on the app.

Blackboard Login Page

What to do if you can't find your module listed

If you are enrolled in your modules they should automatically appear on your page. However, if you don't see one of yours check with your school office to ensure you are timetabled for it. The module must be listed on your student record for you to have access to it in Blackboard - the eLearning team cannot manually enrol you to modules.

How to submit an assignment

Submitting assignments on Blackboard is quite straightforward, but you can watch a video showing you how here.

More information

Checking your assignment grades

If you submit an assignment through Blackboard, you will also receive your grade there when your lecturer has marked it.

Blackboard help and information

Student Apps & Software


TrinityLive is the official Trinity student app. You can access your digital ID card, your timetable, your exam results and a wayfinding map around campus to help you figure out how to get everywhere! Just search for TrinityLive in the App Store or on Google Play


Download the Trinity MyDay app for Android and iPhone. This app, in conjunction with the desktop site ( gives you centralised access to all of your College services, from timetables to email to printing credit. Your Orientation week timetable will also be accessible through the Timetable tile in the app. You will login with the username and password you receive after you register.

Download for iOS
Download for Android


MyTrinityApps is a service that gives easy access to a selection of the most popular academic application software for use on your own Windows laptop while you are connected to the Trinity Wi-Fi network. Login to using your username and password and you will be able to use licensed software (including Dreamweaver, ArcGis, MathLab, MS Project and many more) on your own laptop.


Office365 for Students

While you are a registered student you are able to download Office365 for free on to 5 devices using your username and password.

You can access Office 365 ProPlus at Sign in with your Trinity email address, in the form, and your network login password. You will be provided with options in Install Office, on a Windows PC for example, or to use it online. If you have already installed an earlier version of Microsoft Office then you should uninstall that first before installing Office 365.

Office 365 ProPlus is a self-supported service and allows each student to install Office on up to five PCs or Macs, and five tablets/mobile devices (including iPads) and access Office mobile applications on iPhone and Android phones. (Office Mobile applications are included with all Windows phones).

Software for Students


What is plagiarism?

Throughout your studies in Trinity College Dublin you will develop and write assignments that require research. Your ideas will be expressed through words, images, diagrams and other multi-media forms. As you research you will be expected to understand and build upon the work of others. This requires acknowledging correctly and fully the contributions of others to your own scholarship. Plagiarism can be seen as stealing someone else’s words or ideas and passing them off as your own, although plagiarism comes in many forms. It may be a new concept to you, but it is your responsibility to ensure the integrity of the work and research you do here.

How to avoid it

In a nutshell, to avoid plagiarism you must cite all words and ideas that you use in your assignments that belonged to someone else. This video gives some tips to avoid plagiarism but you also must complete the Ready Steady Write tutorial (link below), which will help you understand more about plagiarism and how to avoid it

PLagiarism & How to Avoid It

Ready Steady Write Plagiarism Tutorial

All students need to complete the Ready Steady Write plagiarism tutorial, a resource developed by the Centre for Academic Practice and eLearning (CAPSL) at Trinity College Dublin, to help you understand and avoid plagiarism and develop your academic writing skills and academic integrity. It is designed so that you can view it from beginning to end or in sections and topics.

Every coversheet that is attached to submitted work has a declaration that must be completed, confirming that you have completed this tutorial.

The Ready Steady Write Tutorial

Assignment coversheets

When you have completed the tutorial you must include the below text on the coversheet of all submitted work:

"I have read and I understand the plagiarism provisions in the General Regulations of the University Calendar for the current year, found at

I have also completed the Online Tutorial on avoiding plagiarism ‘Ready Steady Write’, located at"

Library Plagiarism Website


Find your lecture halls

Not sure where your class is? Check the list of major lecture theatres

Major Lecture Theatres

Find some food

Catering keep a list of Staff and Student Outlets on their website, along with opening hours

Food Outlets

Find somewhere free to hang out

It can be hard to find places to go in the first few weeks. Here are a few places you can chill out without having to buy a coffee!

Find the gates and their opening times

There are a lot of gates into Trinity, all with their own opening hours which can be hard to keep track of. You can always check the list on the College Maps page

Gates & Opening Hours
College Maps