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Study Abroad

All of our programmes require students to spend a substantial period of their studies abroad – either studying or living and working in the country whose language they are learning. This gives them the opportunity to become thoroughly acquainted at first hand with another society and culture and to understand the different ways in which people live their social and professional lives. They learn to communicate effectively and appropriately in that culture and they also greatly develop their fluency in the language. These stays often have a profound impact on students’ lives and help them mature into self-reliant and reflective citizens with excellent intercultural communication skills.

In the majority of our courses a built-in year abroad is an integral and mandatory part of the degree programme. Students who are enrolled on the European Studies, Business Studies and a Language French; German; Polish; Russian; Spanish; Computer Science and Language, or Law and French and Law and German programmes spend their third year as an Erasmus student and study their discipline alongside their contemporaries in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia or Poland through the target language and supported by an EU Erasmus grant.

Students who are enrolled on the Two-Subject Moderatorship Program are required to spend a minimum of two months in the country of the language or languages they are studying, but most TSM students spend a much longer period. There are opportunities for TSM students to spend a year or a semester on an ERASMUS exchange in their second or third year. They can also take a year ‘off-books’ in order to spend time working or studying in the country of their target language, in many cases employed as an English language assistant in a secondary school.

There are also possibilities for postgraduate students to spend up to a semester studying abroad as exchange students or interns.