Guidelines for Staff

Information on the implications for universities of copyright legislation is being prepared under the auspices of the Irish Universities' Association and will be posted, when available, on this webpage.

Information on particular aspects of copyright relating to Trinity can be found in the Library's copyright guidelines and in the IT and Network Code of Conduct. Information in relation to the utilisation of intellectual property is available from Trinity Research and Innovation.

Before you copy...

Before copying works for distribution to students, the following should be checked:

Permission to copy any copyrighted material outside the terms of the licence must be sought directly from the rights-holders concerned.

Key points

  1. The number of copies of any one item taken by members of staff for distribution to students may not exceed the number of students in a class, plus two copies for each teacher or lecturer
  2. The names of the author and publisher must appear on the front page of the copied material
  3. In the case of books, copying is limited to the greater of five per cent, or one chapter
  4. In the case of periodicals, complete articles may be copied but not more than one article from any one issue
  5. Trinity's ICLA licence does not permit the posting of material to the internet