The EU-GDPR replaces the current EU Data Protection Directive with direct effect on 25th May 2018. It will be transcribed into Irish law by the Data Protection Bill 2018 published recently on 1st Feb 2018. The regulation seeks to harmonise data protection law across member states albeit with some derogations permitted at the national level.

All private and public organisations processing the personal data of individuals are required to comply with the principles and responsibilities of the legislation and give effect to the rights set out for individuals.

The University will be responsible for ensuring the rights of students, staff and members of the public about whom personal data are processed are sufficiently protected. In order to ensure the University is accountable, staff must understand what personal data and sensitive personal data is and how they must manage personal data during their day to day activities.

To that effect, the Secretary’s Office together with IT Services and Trinity Online Services CLG have developed an introductory training session which is currently now available to all relevant staff via Blackboard.

Further information on how to enroll for the training and access the training session can be found at:

GDPR Online Training