Copying for Educational Purposes

This page is a guide to Trinity's license for the copying of copyrighted material for educational purposes. For practical advice on complying with the terms of this license, please see our Guidelines for Staff.

Trinity has a licence from the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA) which permits the making of multiple copies, on to paper, of licensed works for educational purposes such as copying for distribution to students, or copying by libraries for reserve collections.

The extent to which specific categories of material may be copied is limited, and certain items and publishers are excluded from the scope of the licence. Details are specified in the licence agreement between the ICLA and the University and are summarised in the ICLA's User Guidelines.

Digital extension

The digital extension does not displace the existing licence for copying to paper, but adds to it. It permits the scanning, posting on the University intranet and printing on to paper of limited extracts from certain books and periodicals published in Ireland, under strict terms and conditions.