How to Make a Request

When making a request for information under the AIE Regulations you are required to:

  • state that the application is being made under the AIE Regulations and submit it in writing (hard copy or email) to the Information Compliance Officer
  • provide your contact details
  • state, in terms that are as specific as possible, the environmental information required, and the form and manner of access desired (e.g. Do you wish to be given photocopies? Do you wish to view the original documents?)

Normally you will be notified of the decision on your request within 1 month of its receipt.

You have the right to appeal this decision to the Commissioner for Environmental Information. A fee of €150 will normally be charged. A reduced fee of €50 applies for medical card holders and their dependents, and also for people, not party to the original request for access to information, who are appealing a decision to release information which they believe will affect them.