Dr. Sarah Jane Scaife

Dr. Sarah Jane Scaife

Assistant Professor, Drama

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Dr. Sarah Jane Scaife is Assistant Professor of Drama in TCD and Artistic Director of Company SJ. She directed seven of Beckett's Shorter plays at the Abbey Theatre 1989/1990. Since then she has toured her own productions and also directed his plays in Georgia, Mongolia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Greece with actors from each country. In 2009 she directed Samuel Beckett's Act Without Words 11 for the Absolut Fringe Festival, it has been re-presented for the International Dublin Theatre Festival (2010); Imagine Watford and Greenwich and Docklands Festivals (2011); River to River Festival (NY, 2012); Limerick Unfringed (2012), Happy Days Festival Eniskillen (2013), and The Abbey Theatre (2014). It was also presented as part of the 2013 Fringe Festival as a companion piece for Beckett's Rough For Theatre One, which subsequently went to Tokyo (2014) and Paris (2014). In 2014 she directed Beckett in the City:Fizzles for the Dublin Fringe Festival.In 2015 she added Beckett in the City: The Women Speak and presented it at the Dublin Fringe Festival and in New York in 2016. In 2018 she presented Beckett's prose piece Company, for the Dublin Theatre Festival. 2021 Company SJ presented an Irish translation of Happy Days as a site specific piece on the island of Inis Oirr for the GIAF and in Dublin for the DTF. She has lectured on Beckett and Irish Theatre all over the world.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

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  • Arts Council Bursary- Women Playwrights of early 20th century 2016
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