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The Long Room

Professor Ruth BartonDiscipline of Film

Mr Richard Duckworth, Assistant Professor, Discipline of Music

  • Conference paper: “Electronic Time: Patching Mid-century Synthesizers with Cybernetics, Simulacra and Temporality in Philip K Dick.” At 2023 Southwest Popular/American Culture Association (SWPACA) Summer Salon
  • In production with Sean Doherty's new album Devil's Dream, set to release on label Divine Arts/Métier later this year. Richard Duckworth is audio producer, also location and mix engineer.

Dr Steven Hadley, Research Fellow, Discipline of Film

  • Barton, R., Hadley, S. & Murphy, D. (2023) Covid-19, cultural policy and the Irish arts sector: continuum or conjuncture? Irish Studies Review, 31,2 pp.193-210.
  • Hadley, S. (2022) Are we the Baddies? Audience Development, Culture as a Vocation and Democratic Cultural Policy in Reason, M., Conner, L., Johanson, K. and Walmsley, B. (Eds.) Routledge Companion to Audiences and the Performing Arts, London: Routledge.
  • Hadley, S.  and Sophia Woodley (2023) The Future of Cross-Border Cooperation in the Arts, Irish Studies in International Affairs, 34,2.
  • S., Heidelberg, B. and Belfiore, E. (2022) Reflexivity and the perpetuation of inequality in the cultural sector: half awake in a fake empire? Journal for Cultural Research DOI: 10.1080/14797585.2022.2111220
  • Falconer, K., Hadley, S. and Moorhouse, J. (2022) Building theatre, making policy: materiality and cultural democracy at Liverpool’s PurpleDoor, Studies in Theatre and Performance
  • DOI: 1080/14682761.2022.2121027

Dr Jonathan Hodgers, Teaching Fellow, Discipline of Music

Dr Aaron Hunter, Teaching Fellow, Discipline of Film

  • Hunter, Aaron. "Fast, Furious, and Free of Sex: Dom, Brian, and hetero male affection." Full-Throttle Franchise: The Culture, Business and Politics of The Fast & Furious, eds. Joshua Gulam, Fraser Elliot, and Sarah Feinstein. 2023. New York: Bloomsbury.
  • Hunter, Aaron. Polly Platt: Hollywood Production Design and Creative Authorship. 2022. London: Palgrave-Macmillan.
  • Hunter, Aaron and Martha Shearer, eds. Women and New Hollywood: Gender, Creative Labor, and 1970s American Cinema. 2023. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press.

Dr Jennifer O’Meara, Associate Professor, Discipline of Film

  • Jennifer O'Meara, Women's Voices in Digital Media: The Sonic Screen from Film to Memes, Austin, Texas, University of Texas Press, 2022, 320pp. Book, 2022.  
  • Jennifer O'Meara and Kata Szita, AR cinema: Visual storytelling and embodied experiences with augmented reality filters and backgrounds, PRESENCE: Virtual and Augmented Reality, MIT Press, 2023, Journal Article, 2023, 1-25. URL
  • Jennifer O’Meara, “Tilda Swinton: From Avant-Garde Androgyne to The Avengers” in, editor(s) Steven Rybin , Stellar Transformations: Movie Stars of the 2010s, Rutgers University Press, 2022, pp108-124 , Book Chapter, 2022, URL

Dr Paula Quigley, Assistant Professor, Discipline of Film

  • Paula Quigley, "'Sheer Epidermis': 'Face Politics' and the Films of Lynne Ramsay," in Faces on Screen: New Approaches, ed. Alice Maurice (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2022), 138 - 149.
  • Paula Quigley, Editorial Board, Short Film Studies (Intellect), 2022- .

Dr Sarah Jane Scaife, Assistant Professor, Discipline of Drama

  • Scaife, Sarah Jane. ‘Beckett sa Chreig: A Bilingual Project Setting Beckett’s Text Happy Days within the Language, Landscape and People of Inis Oírr’ , in Samuel Beckett Today/ Aujourd’hui 35 (2023) 1-10

Dr Melissa Sihra, Associate Professor, Discipline of Drama

Professor Brian Singleton, Samuel Beckett Chair of Drama & Theatre, Discipline of Drama

Dr Miranda Thomas, Assistant Professor, Discipline of Drama

  • 'The Stranger's Case: Exile in (and out of) Shakespeare', in) Yana Meerzon and S. E. Wilmer (eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Theatre and Migration, Palgrave, 2023