Dr. Jennifer O'Meara

Dr. Jennifer O'Meara

Associate Professor, Film Studies

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I am the Academic Advisor for the Columbia University-TCD Dual Degree in Film and former Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning for the School of Creative Arts (2020-2022). I'm currently the PI on the Irish Research Council Laureate Award project (2022-2026) 'From Cinematic Realism to Extended Reality: Reformulating Screen Studies at the Precipice of Hyper-reality.' Prior to joining Trinity as an Assistant Professor in Film Studies in 2018, I lectured for two years at the University of St. Andrews (2016-2018), as well as Maynooth University (2015-2016) and the Huston School of Film & Digital Media, NUIG (2015). My teaching and research are primarily concerned with the intersections between film and digital media, as well as between critical theory and creative practice: these include audiovisual essays and the use of digital tools for experiments with screen aesthetics. My other main research and teaching interests relate to film dialogue, voices, sound and music; performance and stardom; gender; and American independent cinema. My research on sound and dialogue includes the monographs Women's Voices in Digital Media: The Sonic Screen from Film to Memes (University of Texas Press, 2022) and Engaging Dialogue: Cinematic Verbalism in American Independent Cinema (Edinburgh University Press 2018), as well as articles on the relationship between characterization and diegetic music and point-of-audition sound. In 2020 I co-edited a dossier on 'Revoicing the Screen' for Cinema Journal/JCMS, while in 2017 I guest edited a special issue of The Soundtrack on emerging audio-visual media. With regard to digital media, I have also published on political memes, digital fan art, podcasts, and ASMR videos. My work on performance and stardom has focused on issues of gender, reflexivity and subculture, leading to individual studies of Christina Ricci, Tilda Swinton, Parker Posey, and Cate Blanchett. I am currently a postdoctoral supervisor on HUMAN+, an international and interdisciplinary fellowship programme supporting interdisciplinary research between Computer Science and Arts & Humanities, supported by the European Commission, Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Co-Fund Action. I am also a regular contributor to media and arts shows on RTÉ Lyric FM and RTÉ 2fm, as well as contributing arts criticism to newspapers like The Irish Times and Irish Independent and online platforms like VOX. I teach a wide range of Film modules across the department's undergraduate and MPhil programmes. More broadly at Trinity, I supervise research on the M.Sc. in Interactive Digital Media (School of Computer Science) and contribute to the School of Creative Arts elective 'The Art of the Megacity', and the Faculty-wide Columbia Dual Degree course 'Ideas and Perceptions of Europe'.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

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Research Expertise

  • Title
    The Abstracted Self and the Digital Avant-Garde
    This project will analyse formal and thematic connections between digital screen cultures and experimental film and art practices of the 20th century. The research aims to historicise trends in Augmented Reality (AR), glitch art, and experimental digital video streams in relation to the artistic traditions of Surrealism, Futurism and Cubism. This will be achieved through a theoretical focus on overlapping aesthetics and processes, as well as the practitioners' creative deployment of the technologies of their time. In particular, the project seeks to examine how both experimental cultures offer new ways of experiencing the human body, with an emphasis on mediated presentations of the abstracted self. Envisioned as a monograph with complementary gallery installation components, the first publication from the project is as follows: O'Meara, 'Touchscreens, tactility, and material traces: From avant-garde artists to Instagram ASMRtists,' NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies (Autumn 2019).
    Date From
  • Title
    Women's Voices in Digital Media: The Sonic Screen from Film to Memes
    This book, to be published by University of Texas Press in early 2022, examines the representation, reception and remediation of female voices in contemporary screen media, including how digital technologies, formats and platforms (like YouTube, Virtual Reality, GIFs, podcasts and voice-activated assistants) are impacting women's voices in more traditional screen formats like cinema. Pioneering a transmedial approach for analysing women's screen voices in the digital era, the book examines how concepts like 'expanded cinema' and 'proliferating screens' can alter the presentation of voices as much as images--in part by allowing for verbal/vocal echoes to travel from one screen medium to another. With a dual focus on female characters and performers in English-language media, I argue that the contemporary media landscape provides new ways to amplify women's voices (including historical ones), but also new ways to fetishise, police and silence them. The book revises earlier conceptions of the female screen voice in analogue film, as presented in Kaja Silverman's The Acoustic Mirror (1988), Amy Lawrence's Echo and Narcissus (1991) and Britta H. Sjogren's Into the Vortex: Female Voice and Paradox in Film (2006). Using the premise of the vocal echo, and extending Silverman's focus on 'the acoustic mirror' as it relates to voice-over and sound-image relations, I propose a new symbolic functioning for the female screen voice in the 21st century; wherein this mirror has shattered, dispersing vocal shards across a much broader range of screens.
    Funding Agency
    Carnegie Trust, Scotland (partial)
    Date From
    Date To
  • Title
    Therapeutic Uses of Digital Media
    This project aims to establish a cross-disciplinary approach to studying the therapeutic uses of digital media by developing a network of psychology, neuroscience and media studies researchers who can, together, examine how digital media formats and practice can help alleviate particular mental health issues. By examining a range of relaxation focused videos, podcasts and apps in terms of their psychological impact (on mood and emotion) and their physiological impact on the brain and other parts of the body, the project aims to offer a pioneering understanding of digital forms of relaxation and therapy, and to make recommendations about how such media might be used as part of a personalised treatment plan for those who experience conditions like anxiety and depression.
    Funding Agency
    Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund, in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland
    Date From
    July 2020


  • Carnegie Trust Research Incentive Grant 2018
  • Ussher Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin 2011-2014
  • Teaching Enhancement Fund, University of St Andrews 2017
  • Abd El-Modtaal Prize, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, TCD 2008
  • Provost's Project Award, Trinity College Dublin. "Experiments in Digital Screen Culture: from Avant-Garde Film to Augmented Reality." 2021-2025
  • Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund, in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland 2020-2021
  • Gender, Diversity and Inclusivity funding award, University of St Andrews 2018
  • Foundation Scholarship, TCD 2007-2013
  • Irish Research Council, Starting Laureate Award 2022-2026
  • P.J. Drudy Prize in Economics, Trinity College Dublin 2008
  • Arts Council of Ireland 'Festivals and Event' funding award (with film festival). 2019
  • 'Honorable Mention' for the Best Monograph prize at the British Association of Film, Television & Screen Studies 2023
  • Irish Research Council Starting Laureate Award, "From Cinematic Realism to Extended Reality: Reformulating Screen Studies at the Precipice of Hyper-reality." September 2022-August 2026
  • Elected to Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin 2023
  • Board Member, Irish Screen Studies network present
  • Advisory Board member for the Centre for Screen Cultures, University of St Andrews. present
  • Advisory Board for Film Matters (US-based journal). present