Dr. Neill O'Dwyer

Dr. Neill O'Dwyer

Research Fellow, Drama


Néill O"Dwyer is a Research Fellow and the Principal Investigator `Performative Investigations into Extended and Augmented Reality Technologies" (PIX-ART), in the School of Creative Arts (SCA) at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). He previously worked in V-SENSE project (Dept. of Computer Science) where he continues to be an associate researcher. He teaches Performance and Technology in the SCA. He is an awardee of the prestigious Irish Research Council (IRC) Government of Ireland Research Fellowship (2017 " 2019). He is the sole author of Digital Scenography: 30 years of experimentation and innovation in performance and interactive media (2021) and a co-editor of The Performing Subject in the Space of Technology: Through the Virtual, Towards the Real (2015) and Aesthetics, Digital Studies and Bernard Stiegler (2021). He worked with Bernard Stiegler at the Institute of Research and Innovation (IRI), at the Pompidou Centre, Paris. Néill specialises in practice-based research in the field of scenography and design-led performance with a specific focus on digital media, computer vision, human"computer interaction, prosthesis, synergy, agency, performativity and the impact of technology on artistic processes.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

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Research Expertise

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