This January, Assoc. Prof. Jennifer O’Meara will travel to Gothenburg Sweden to take place in the Göteborg Film Festival, the largest film festival in Scandinavia, as part of their curated seminar ‘Another Intelligence’, focused on AI and cinema. The seminar’s concerns on the ethics and aesthetics of AI media parallel those of Dr. O’Meara’s current Irish Research Council Laureate project, titled "From Cinematic Realism to Extended Reality: Reformulating Screen Studies at the Precipice of Hyperreality” (2022-2026).  

Dr O’Meara will take part in a panel on ‘Creative Perspectives on AI’, alongside journalist Emanuel Karlsten and Mads Damsbo, producer of About a Hero, a film written by an AI programmed to imitate legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog. Other events as part of this programme include Another Persona, a one-off screening of an AI-processed interpretation of Ingmar Bergman's Persona, in which Liv Ullmann's iconic portrayal of Elisabet Vogler is replaced by that of contemporary actress Alma Pöysti.  

More information - Göteborg Film Festival Event Listing