Centenary year of birth of donor Dr Gerard Victory

This prize, founded in 2005 by a generous donation from the family of Dr Gerard Victory, is awarded annually for the best composition submitted as part of the moderatorship part II examinations in music (single honour or joint honour moderatorship). Value - €500.

06 Dec 2021

The School of Creative Arts celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr Gerard Victory - one of the most prolific Irish composers of his generation. In more than forty years of composition as Director of Music in RTÉ after graduating from Trinity, he produced some 200 works, including four symphonies, eight operas, a large-scale cantata, two piano concertos and a large volume of other compositions. Born on 24th December 1921, Dr Victory has left a continuing legacy in compositional excellence at Trinity by funding the Gerard Victory Composition Prize in Music through a generous legacy donation. This prize rewards excellence in composition among final year students who study Music at Trinity. Photo ©RTÉ Archives.

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