Assoc. Prof. Ruth Barton analyses the legacy of Chariots of Fire on the 40th anniversary of its release as part of RTÉ Brainstorm

In the context of the opening of the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, Assoc. Prof. Ruth Barton asks whether Chariots of Fire is still the best Olympics' film ever or a quaint hangover from the age of empire. Currently serving as Head of School, School of Creative Arts, Assoc.

23 Jul 2021

 Prof. Barton interrogates the enduring appeal of Chariots of Fire (1980) in an article published on RTÉ Brainstorm. RTÉ Brainstorm is a unique partnership between RTÉ and Irish third level institutions where the academic and research community contribute to public debate, reflect on what's happening in the world around us and communicate fresh thinking on a broad range of issues. 

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