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The French Departmental Research Seminar


Programme for Michaelmas Term 2023

Programme 2022-2023:

MICHAELMAS TERM: 4-5 p.m. in the French Departmental Library, Room 4096 of the Arts Building (unless indicated otherwise)
12 October 2022: Robin Gatel (History Department, TCD): ‘An invisible presence: the representation of women in the Southern French heretical reports of the twelfth-century.
19 October 2022: Professor Roger Little, FTCD (Quondam 1776 Chair of French, TCD): ‘Vigné d'Octon (1859-1943), pourfendeur des abus coloniaux’.
20 October 2022: Professor Little will speak at 5 p.m. in the Senior Common Room on 'A presentation of the late Barbara Wright's edition of Edouard de Tocqueville's 1824 travels to England, Scotland and Ireland'. The talk will be introduced by the French Ambassador to Ireland.
7 November 2022: Professor Joff Bradley (Teikyo University, Japan): ‘On the “nutty book” of Anti-Oedipus’ (venue tbc)
16 November 2022: Professor Michael Cronin, FTCD (1776 Chair of French, TCD): ‘Le Département de français à Trinity College et la révolution moderniste’.
23 November 2022: Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey, FTCD (French Department, TCD):
‘“La Muse ingenieuse/Du doulx-utile Angevin translateur”: quelques observations sur L’Énéide de Joachim Du Bellay’.
30 November: Dr Laurene Glimois (French Department, TCD): ‘Processing instruction in French: an overview of theory, research and practices’.


HILARY TERM: 4-5 p.m. in the French Departmental Library, Room 4096 of the Arts Building (unless indicated otherwise)
1 February 2023: Mr Cian Cooney (French Department, TCD): ‘The French army’s “guerre révolutionaire” doctrine and the Far-Right’.
8 February 2023: Ms Megane Mazé (French Department, TCD): ‘“Forgive scribble”: Samuel Beckett’s depistolarisation of the letter’.
22 February 2023: Professor Pittion will lead the seminar in the Old Library to consider Vesalius's De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Vii (Old Library, TCD, pressmark K.a.21); he will speak on ‘Vesalius 1543: an anatomical  revolution?’
Please note: numbers are restricted to 12; we will meet at 3.45 p.m. at the entrance to the Berkeley Library.
1 March 2023: Dr Charlotte Berkery (French Department, UCD): 'Mapping the bourgeois night: literary street scenes in July monarchy Paris'.
15 March 2023: Ms Alexandra Corey (French Department, TCD): ‘Neoplatonism in the ‘Ode de Madame Marguerite’ (AST, Sez Corte: Storia della real casa: storie particolari [addizioni]: Emmanuel-Philibert, mazzo 10, art. 13).
22 March 2023: Professor Jean-Paul Pittion, FTCD ((French Department, TCD): ‘Printing a book in the Renaissance: from manuscript copy to printed book’.
29 March 2023: Dr Barry Nevin (French Department, Technological University Dublin): ‘From metteurs en scène to auteurs: reassessing directorial authorship in the classic French cinema's tradition de qualité’.
12 April 2023: Dr Luke Warde (French Department, TCD): ‘ “J’ai attrapé la guerre dans ma tête”: explosive sound in Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s Guerre’.

TRINITY TERM: 4-5 p.m. in the French Departmental Library, Room 4096 of the Arts Building, unless indicated otherwise

17 May 2023: Dr Niall Kennedy (French Department, TCD): 'The image in Leo Carax's Holy Motors’.

24 May 2023: Third Annual Barbara Wright Memorial Lecture (speaker, time and venue tbc). The talk will be  followed by a reception.

Organisers:Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey, FTCD;; Dr Niall Kennedy; (please contact for Zoom link)

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