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Residence Abroad Requirement

Students taking one or two modern languages other than English must spend not less than two months in the country of each language in order to fulfil the requirements of their course. It is your responsibility to arrange this, although it can be fulfilled by going on Erasmus to France. The residence required for each language must be completed before the moderatorship examination in the language. Therefore if you are taking your final exams in French, either as a Junior Sophister student (Moderatorship Part I) or as a Senior Sophister (Moderatorship Part II) in the annual examination session, your residence abroad requirement must be completed before this date. 

This requirement can be waived only in exceptional circumstances and with the prior approval of the schools or departments concerned.  Residence abroad prior to commencing your degree at Trinity will not normally be taken into consideration. Please note that if you have not satisfied this requirement, College will withhold your exam results until you have completed your residence abroad.

Students are required to provide proof of residence abroad (travel tickets, accommodation receipts etc) and to complete a Residence Abroad Form, see below. If you have fulfilled your Residence Abroad requirement through an Erasmus exchange, please note that you are still required to complete and submit this form. The deadline for submission of this form is 12 noon on Tuesday 11 February 2020.

Download Residence Abroad Form here