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What is French?

French is a major world language, with a rich cultural and intellectual heritage. Knowledge of the French language and its literature opens up a world of opportunities to those who study them. French is an official working language of many international organisations (UN, OECD, NATO, etc.) and as such plays a decisive role in world affairs. French studies also develop highly sought-after transferrable skills—excellent writing and oral communication abilities, critical thinking, extensive analytical skills—across a range of sectors (the creative industries, public service, tourism, publishing, interpreting, teaching, journalism, broadcasting, the Diplomatic Service, to name but a few). Not only is the study of French language, literature, history, politics and philosophy a hugely enriching intellectual experience, but it also leaves graduates very well placed to succeed in a wide range of professional contexts.

Do you enjoy…


  • Do you enjoy reading and discussing literature?
  • Do you relish the challenge of learning to speak and write in a foreign language?
  • Are you fascinated by different cultures?
  • Do you have an interest in history, politics and philosophy?
  • Would you like to study in Paris?