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Business & French

This programme offers an exciting way of learning about mainstream business concepts, theories and models in a variety of subject areas as well as getting to grips in an in-depth and comprehensive manner with another country’s language, its society, culture and business environment. Over its four years, the third of which is spent studying and working abroad, the course simultaneously broadens and deepens your academic command of business theories and practices and develops your linguistic competence. At the same time, you will be developing a wide range of generic and transferable skills that are increasingly required in a variety of careers and employment situations (e.g. working in multi-disciplinary / multi-cultural teams, intercultural negotiation and international management, all of which are highly relevant in Ireland’s exceptionally open economy).

Handbooks for registered students studying Business Studies and French are available on the Local Access Page

For more information, take a look at the Business Studies and a Language page.