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Current and Past PhD Projects

Current PhD projects                                

David Gaughran, The Enlightenment and Islam. Supervisor: Dr James Hanrahan. Project Description: How did Europe encounter and represent Islam in the 17th and 18th centuries and how did those representations change in those two hundred years? Why did a significant minority of European philosophers view Islam as a religion that was nearest to their ideal of a ‘natural religion’?

Joanna Poetz, The Waldensian Treatises: A Critical Edition of the Dublin Manuscripts. Supervisor: Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey. Project Description: The aim of my PhD is to produce a critical edition of yet unedited treatises from the Waldensian collection of manuscripts kept in the Library of Trinity College Dublin. My research focuses on the construction of identity, issues around power and language, as well intertextuality within these texts.

Louise Kari-Mereau,Cynicism in the Contemporary French Novel: the Examples of Frédéric Beigbeder, Virginie Despentes and Michel Houellebecq. Supervisor: Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey.

Recently completed PhD projects

Dr Amy Devlin, Spectres du Texte: Photography and Spectrality in French Texts, 1892-2004. Supervisors: Professor Johnnie Gratton and Dr Alexandra Lukes.

Dr Donna Canada-Smith, The French Garden and Urbanisation in 19th-century Paris. Supervisor: Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey.

Dr Robin Fuller, Ideas of Functionality in the Design of Sans-Serif Typefaces in the 20th and 21st centuries. Supervisor: Professor David Scott.

Dr Elizabeth Geary, Travel in the Writings of André Gide and Henri Michaux. Supervisor: Professor David Scott.

Dr Sarah Gubbins, Mid-Century Poetics: the Poetry in Prose and Verse of Nerval and Baudelaire. Supervisor: Professor David Scott.

Dr Robert Kilroy, Marcel Duchamp: Resolving the Word/Image Problematic, afterthought. Supervisor: Professor David Scott.

Dr Rose Maclachan, Status of the Speaking Subject within Lesbian Life-Writing in the Work of Nina Bouraoui. Supervisor: Professor Johnnie Gratton.

Dr Kate Mcilvenny, Poetics of the Fetish in Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu. Supervisor: Professor Johnnie Gratton.

Dr Mark Raftery-Skehan, Deconstructing the Imagination of Language and the Sign: Derrida, Hegel, and Mallarmé. Supervisor: Professor David Scott.