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CLCS Aural Learning Group


Centre for Language and Communication Studies

The Centre for Language and Communication Studies (CLCS) is an academic department that offers courses and does research in theoretical and applied linguistics. It also provides IT facilities specifically for language learners. There are some materials, including grammars and dictionaries, available for borrowing in the CLCS office, room 4091, opposite the French department. Rooms 4073 and 4074 (next to the main office) are available for self-access use (4073 is sometimes booked for classes). Note that these rooms are reserved specifically for language-learning use: this means you can’t use it for work related to your other subjects, but it also means you may find it easier to locate an available PC than in the other public-access rooms.
Since learning French, like any language, involves as much exposure to the language as possible, you are encouraged to make use of the CLCS facilities – for communicating with French speakers, reading newspapers online, watching television, commenting on blogs, etc.